The walking dead


I’d recommend anyone still watching this show to read the AV club write ups of each episode. I try not to copy and paste what they’ve said, but these paragraphs are especially on point.

[quote=AV Club]Michonne has been one of the series most independent figures since her first appearance, but her connection with Rick has reduced that independence. Sure, she went off on her own at the start of the season, but that didn’t really go anywhere, and now she spends an embarrassing amount of time telling Rick how great he is, which… eh.

It’s not that Michonne shouldn’t be upset at the thought of losing Rick, but the idea that she’d simply let herself die if anything happened to him does her a disservice. Hearing Rick tell her how it’s important that they be ready to go on no matter what happens is both inspiring and also oddly inappropriate coming from him. Michonne has suffered as much as Rick has, more or less, and she’s shown time and again that she’s a survivor, that she’ll do what it takes to keep moving forward. Having Rick try and teach her some life lesson, valid though that lesson may be, is too much like burnishing his character by sacrificing some of hers, no matter how vehemently he says that she inspired him to keep fighting.

They make sense as a couple—it’s one of the smartest narrative choices the show has made in recent years. But that choice isn’t worth it if it forces Michonne into a place where she’s just there to reinforce how great Rick is, how necessary he is, how much they need him as a leader. At one point in the episode, he tells her to watch her step on a roof, as though she’d need to be reminded. It’s a tossed off moment, but one that seems indicative of the flaws in both their pairing and Rick’s character as a whole. Rick always knows best, even when the people around him should know better.[/quote]


Yeah, but, the bit where Rick tossed her the sword like they were in muthafucking Princess Bride or some shit was boss…



Come on!


Can’t stop thinking about that :deer:

Thought it was a:ghost: for ages


You thought it was a happy crazy blue chicken for ages?


i thought the toy gun zombie earlier in the episode looked like a crazy blue chicken tbf


How much does a deer cost (they are dear/no idea style answers not accepted) to hire for a couple of hours? Less than some super wank CGI or more?


Can someone enquire for me please?


Fine, I’ve done it myself. £9 p/h


that zombie was proper rubbish, looked like some sort of alien rather than an actual human who’d become a zombie


It looked like one of the Aliens from the film Bad Taste


I thought it was ace. Wish they would have a bit more fun with the zombies - they referenced a couple from classic films in the past but nowhere near as many as they could do.


Have we all forgetten about the CGI balloons?! Of course they weren’t forking out for a real dear…


I just think the tone is all over the place these days, it doesn’t know if it wants to be a super-bleak ‘everything is fucked’ drama or some lame quirky ‘love in a hopeless place’ dramedy with some bellends who live in a skip who can’t talk properly.

i get that different episodes have different directors etc. but basically every long running US drama has this and I’ve never noticed it having this big an effect before (yeah yeah the fly i know) - the whole show just seems to be a mess these days tbh.

still watch it though don’t I.


I liked The Fly episode personally.

This was a Greg Nicotero directed installment, and he seems to have become the go to guy for the key episodes usually so not sure that it’s necessarily down to the directing. Think it might be that it’s written by committee and has become increasingly swayed by the weight of public opinion the more popular it has got and is now trying to maintain those rating (including even the fact that apparently episodes are often rejigged in order depending on the reaction of a bunch of interent nerds.Oh…wait).


maybe if I keep writing enough of these posts they’ll just skip to the final episode, fingers crossed


I only dip in and out but I don’t really get this notion of focusing each episode on one group at a time. Game of Thrones’s stories are split all over but they don’t tend to focus on one group exclusively unless there’s going to be a good dramatic payoff.

Otherwise they split up their stories so that they can try to make sure each episode has a hunk of good drama. It doesn’t always work but comparing last week to this week it just felt like such an odd choice. If you’d intermingled those episodes’ stories then each episode could have balanced these elements without it seeming so weird.

I feel like ‘bottle episodes’ or whatever fancy term they have should be a rare sort of thing, for a specific dramatic purpose.


Although the pace towards the final Saviors vs the rest endgame remains glaaaaaaacially slow, I quite enjoyed this week’s episode…

Ezekiel with tiger = good
Two characters who you are sort of supposed to care about being offed in order to facilitate action = good
Morgan doing something that isn’t just being zen = good
Carol being kick ass again = good

Any thoughts on where this series is going to leave off? A standard gathering of the tribes montage or do we think there are further twists to be revealed?


I really liked the single melon in a carefully strapped into the back of a truck.