The walking dead




Reckon Eugene’s gonna have invented a GIANT ROBOT COCK for negan


I reckon they’re going to repeat the same mistake as the season three finale where they built up to a big fight with the Governor, but then it became a really small skirmish and just another part of the build up to the actual fight in the season afterwards.

I’d be surprised if Negan doesn’t find out about the group’s plan to attack him, and in turn Negan would probably attack first and cause them a major setback. But then again, that’s all the plot can really be can’t it? That or they attack Negan by surprise and he goes off into hiding to regroup. Negan is surely going to be around for another season…

I haven’t read that far in the comics but I do hope they manage to do something more interesting. It’s hard to see where they will wring the drama out of the Rick v Negan stuff, considering it’s just two leaders killing each-others’ followers and the show has done so much of that it’s hard to keep enthusiasm for it all.


keep your enthusiasm


no one gets offed by walkers anymore


It’s true, when was the last time someone got offed by a walker by accident? From memory, in the earlier seasons folk would often be out for a stroll in the woods and get bit by a stealth walker…


The last prominent character that I can recall getting bitten might have actually been Tyreese (?) though it should have been Glenn’s fate too.


it’s such absolute shit, now. i tried watching last night’s episode but just fast-forwarded through the thing. one nice scene with Daryl and Maggie. it’s so shit though, how can something so popular be so shit


supposedly the zombies were faster in the early days, they get slower as they decay more. really though it’s just lazy writing. Ethan Embry can be taken out by an immobile walker in a tree but Rick can run into the middle of a horde of zombies and shoulder-barge his way through like it’s a scrum. it’s offensive to the intelligence of the viewers.


steven ogg is the best thing about this show now

eugene a close second (when he’s not crying)
“Dr Eugene Porter, Chief Engineer, also known as Negan, who i am”

ye gads, this show is rubbish 80% of the time :grinning:


that doctor guy seemed devastated by the death of his brother


ha, didn’t even realise they were siblings!

*abandons original freemasons joke*


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won’t work on your phone[/details]


Definitely the best character

Fuck me the chat between Rosita and Sasha actually made me want to claw my eyeballs out. ‘The sex was just for fun’. Some absolute sub-The Room shit. Never has anything so comprehensively failed the Bechdel test.

3/10 episode at best. God I hate this fucking programme. Shall we make lists of people we want to see killed off? Might cheer us all up.


I really don’t care about any of them anymore

maybe Carol, sometimes Durrrrrl


A particularly weak episode this week. At least Rosita finally got some element of a backstory I suppose. Plus I enjoy any screentime with Jesus. That aside, just filler - particularly disappointing this close to the season finale.

Think I’m basically Team Saviors now :+1:


I know it’s based on the comics, but the TV series really needs an endgame to work towards. Not a chance the bulk of viewers are going to continue with this repetitive bollocks.


Interesting to confirm my thoughts that Eugene had defected. I don’t really understand why they didn’t just wait for another opportunity to shoot?

Next episode better kick off. I’m still enjoying it a lot but it’s edging towards series 2 in quality.


Did everyone see that article which says the season finale ‘sets up the next 100 episodes’?

Even if this is speculative, which i assume it is, I’m out.


( i haven’t read it)