The walking dead


Have not started watching - might just read this thread instead and see how I get on…


didn’t know it was back.
gonna act like I haven’t read this thread and not watch it anymore.
not even reading the comics anymore

RIP the walking dead


cmon! someone else watch it and talk about how bad it is

Maggie’s accent work is first rate again also!


It was beyond awful. So, so bad. Don’t care about any of the characters any more. Who the heck was horse kick guy?? No one knows or is bothered …they should have killed off a main character to get viewers to care.

Also looked like a mega gallows didn’t it??




add me to the didn’t realise it had started again crew

I stopped watching season 8 maybe 1 or 2 episodes after the mid season break, just cba watching anymore. did I miss anything?


I love how every actual person I know who’s watched this has slated it yet when I searched for reviews just now they’re all acting like it was good.


That thick glass was on a grid of steel. Would not have cracked.

Other than that it was an electric episode.

(I have begged my wife for us to stop watching it but she says I made her watch it in the first place. Nine seasons on and I’m really beginning to regret it. It’s never going to end)


I’m still watching and I enjoyed it a lot.


Surprised that Gregory was around for this long tbh! What a spectacularly dumb and cowardly plot. Somewhat interested in the conflict that arises over the morality and message sent out over his execution, kinda.

Over than that I’m struggling to remember what else happened in this episode already…


Was gonna say, it’s got a deceptively high metascore!


Didn’t know that tbh. RIP fella, what a great character.

I’m 4/5 issues behind too now. Binned the show off somewhere in 7 before halfway and just can’t be bothered. Want to get back into the monthlies though, might go on an eBay splurge and catchup.



watched the new episode last night (after a few drinks earlier in the evening) - and I thought it was actually OK

Like not amazing - and the bar is incredibly low for this show now. But It wasn’t boring like soooo much of this show has been recently.

I’m quite happy for the season to continue in a silly, schlocky soapy vein - as long as the plot moves at a reasonable pace (no more seasons which happen over the course of like 2 days)

Quite liked the transition to increased dependence on horses,


So must watch next week - the last one for Rick Grimes

Be interesting to see how ridiculous his send off is!


The episode preview suggests very ridiculous indeed


The preview looks like a bad Sopranos-esque dream sequence thing


Hah hah, imagine if he wakes up in his hospital bed from Season 1 and we discover the whole thing was a wild hallucination from all the drugs and then next week the show continues like normal with him being ‘dead’. It would be like a sort of weird take on Buffy S5’s Normal Again.


I would say ‘fair play to you Walking Dead - got me good!’


His send off had to be way more “epic” than Coral’s though, didn’t it?

Anyone else think that it would have actually been quite satisfying if Daryl had just offed Rick instead?


Daryl slotting him would have made all my dreams come true.

Pile of nonsense isn’t it. Their new found ability to find, train and ride horses is my major irk with this series tbh. That and that it is just STUPID. And I hate Rick and Michonne and all of them but Daryl actually.