The walking dead

I’ve been skimming through the letter hacks recently and that one made me laugh. Good work!

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Thanks! My proudest achievement I think. A letter in my favourite thing AND I got to call the creators wankers AND it was the sweatiest thing they ever published in one issue - INCLUDING any of the actual comic



TV show started going downhill roundabout the prison arc - I think the weird way they botched the prison ‘battle’ and just ended up doing a second attempt with the tank etc. It was still pretty watchable, then became a hate watch (and looked bizarrely cheap considering the money they must be rolling in), then it wasn’t even worth a hate watch. Will always have fond memories of binging the first two seasons though, it was on the road to greatness if they’d kept that level of writing going.

I remember that letter!


My girlfriend has some of the spin offs on in the background while we’re cooking and I can’t believe how cheap they look and how repetitive the writing/scenarios are between shows

So i’ve been seeing reviews of the last season or so and folks are saying I should give it another go - is anyone still watching?? has it got better?

I gave up quite awhile back - when Maggie took off, Negan was in a basement cell, Rick was gone off in the chopper with the trash heap lady

The episodes that are currently on are not part of the overall narrative. They’re standalone stories and have generally been fine. But there was one where Darryl fixed a motorbike and Carol made soup whilst chasing a rat and it was one of the worst episodes ever.

One more season to go and I will stick with it, but like fuck am I going to watch any of the spin-off shows.

It’s almost all shit now but the latest episode was actually quite good, basically just Negan backstory. Worth a watch.