The walking dead


What’s happened to Rick’s daughter? I forgot who has her.


First thoughts were ‘what is this? amateurs dramatics hour?’

Turns out it was.


Took me a while to remember this too - she is with Carver (the priest) at Alexandria.




Good shout on the Rick thing. He always spoils everything…


i hate carol these days


yeah episode 2 was really really dull


And they MUST have gone through all the fresh clean clothes in their size in every abandoned Gap by now?


That tiger was really moody.


Carol really lost itfor me at the endnote of the last season, worried at the beginning of this episode that she’d continue being a silly duck, but she seems to be heading back towards awesome carol.


Can’t do blurs on my phone somehow but this was MUCH better.
So without spoilers:
Darryl, so grimy, so sexy, so very very brilliant. That song though…


Bleak as fuck wasn’t it.


Best sandwich making montage ever then the rest was a bit meh.

Also after last weeks on the nose Bobby D song pick then this weeks Roy Orbison track - come on guys, think outside the box!


It was like watching Chef, all I wanted was a sandwich after it.


I know they have limited resources but surely it was crying out for some salt beef instead of egg?

I love a good egg sarnie but with pickles! His wife was probably glad she got away if he was coming near her after eating those sandwiches with that stench on his breath :neutral_face:


I would like a romance between Daryl and Harvey Dent to be a thing too!


Can’t they do an episode where they focus on more than one character at a time? There’s like three or 4 different sets of characters at the moment (Daryl, Rick and the crew, the Alexandria bunch, whatever the fuck Maggie is doing). I think I’ll be able to follow it if they covered a couple each episode.


Yeah me and my friend was talking about this other day. It surely wouldn’t hurt them to had the odd episode formatted like Game of Thrones. It might help to ramp up the tension and make some of the characters less forgettable at times…


They’ve always done this to a certain extent - I think it’s much cheaper to make if they focus on a smaller group of characters in an episode


I really like that they do that. It immerses you move if you ask me and gives them space to make a fleshed out story in that episode instead a bunch of quick scenes.

I especially think it was needed in this episode. You needed to be with him throughout.