The walking dead


It happens too much I think (no proof of this).

Like last week was pretty much all talking. They couldn't have slotted a scene about the other bunch of people in there?


yeah but what they do is then take all these strands and weave them together for the big end of season (or mid season) climax episode(s)


Hmm it works to some extent but take for example with 'The Cell', so much dramatic weight was lost on Dwight's storyline with whole losing his wife to Negan thing. Like I could barely remember who the female character Daryl kept bumping into was (Sherry according to IMDB - who we last saw 13 (?!) episodes ago (again thanks IMDB)) and we're suppose to remain invested in these people? We'll probably wait another three episodes before we see her again and she'll likely get killed...


so today's episode.. not bad.. Negan carrying it almost single handedly... Brewing though... It moves at such a glacial pace compared to the comic :confused: (plus no Darryl in the comic so not sure how he fits in)


reading this better is better than actually watching it!


oh ffs sean


Not blurring this as if you're not up to date then what the hell are you doing in this this thread.

Thought that was actually a bit of a boring episode - did it really have to be an extra long one? Basically just Rick and Negan on a sightseeing trip of Alexandria for an hour. Plus after the initial, err, impact of Negan, his shtick is starting to run thin already - I've not read the comics, but he doesn't seem anywhere near as fleshed out as The Governor. Enjoyed the Shane mentions though - man, that seems a long time ago...


Nice of Gabriel to show up! Saying nice things about (b)Rick only gets you killed

Didn't care for the whole Rosita and Michonne stuff - felt like a rehash of the grief process Sasha went through yawn

Neagan stuff okay but his dialogue still sounds like its written by a teenager.

Was this the first time they mentioned "Olivia's" name?! It made me laugh that hey kept repeating it to drive it home :smile:


I have enjoyed Negan, up to this episode

the hammy quality was just too over the top


Didn't realise what it was that Michonne found at the end until I read the AV Club article, it looked to me like some sort of hot springs that had sprouted by the road side!


Gonna be honest don't really like Negan.


Rosita's actually way more interesting here than she is in the comics, where I mostly remember her existing mainly to nag the men she attached herself too.


yep - took me a while to get my eyes to see smoldering mattresses


I think I've tuned out. Still read it every month (and get the variants cos massive penoid) but I'm not sure I give a shit about the show anymore. Tell me it gets more interesting, not watched the last two yet.


doesn’t really, its a bit shit


Blehhhhh. I'll probably catch up tonight. Not read 160 yet so might do that first.


I missed it I thibk (cooking whilst watching) what was it??


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Smouldering mattresses