The walking dead




SRSish question - why didn’t they just shoot Negan…even with his we’re all Negan shit they would easily have killed enough of his ‘gang’ to take them over and they could all live happily together.

Or am i missing the point?

This episode was a bit bleak again though…even Korl with his immaculate hair couldn’t raise a light moment. needs more Carol and her cookies


I kept thinking that. So many opportunities to take him out. When he knocked at the fence they should have just sprayed it with bullets and had a couple o snipers for good measure. Fuck Negan.


They will eventually, they just need to draw it out more.

They encounter a bunch o’ wronguns, struggle for a while, then eventually good overcomes evil. Occasionally someone on the good side dies, the whole saga is interlaced with zombies. Repeat.

It’s TWD format and I very much doubt they’re going to change it now.


Negan does have a number of heavily armed supporters though, and that’s what he loves to flaunt to Rick


They are all power hungry crazies. The blonde one would have taken over straight away and wouldn’t have been as calm. Rick is trying to protect his family despite his instincts to fight.

…let’s be fair though. He’s going to kill Negan.


yeah - in every opportunity so far killing Negan would have resulted in them all being dead. Even if the Saviours disintegrate without his leadership that’s not much use to Rick and co when they are dead

I do enjoy it when Rick promises to kill someone (how many times has he done it now, and how many of those times has he actually been the one to do it?). I particularly enjoyed the time he promised to kill someone with a specific knife and then did


I want him to promise to cut someone’s heart out with a spoon, Rickman style.


When he knocked at the fence they should have just sprayed it with bullets and had a couple o snipers for good measure.

They made a fair point that the Saviors turned up early than expected, I would say exactly to avoid such an ambush.


yeah Negan’s gone from great character to mindlessly irritating clown in the space of 3 episodes, quite something.


I would’ve armed the walls to the teeth as soon as I got home from those psychopaths. Stupid Rick.


I’m still at the end of the last season - obviously I know who “gets it” cause I’m a spoiler reading fool. Is it worth picking this up again? I’m not feeling any real urgency.

I did enjoy the last episode of the last season where many didn’t.

Also I’m feeling emotionally fragile at the minute so factor that in.

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Think that they might have taken Darryl as collateral for exactly that kind of situation.

Also, Rick is a busted flush at present. He couldn’t even convincingly bully Spencer…


Two pairs of roller skates?!


It’s a roller skating jam called Carrrrrl!


I wonder if he’s going to let Jesus use them…


I don’t know if that would help or hinder his flying kick-abilities.


Haha, I forgot about that! Being good at martial arts is way more interesting that be a sharp shooter…

I kept getting distracted when the saviours were in Gregory’s manor as everyone looked so tall and built which made Jesus look like a bit of a hobbit in comparison.


I’m seein’ double here!