The walking dead


Tenuous Simpsons reference:


Oh gotcha! In reference to Gregory being an absolute pig?


In reference to two pairs of rollerskates :slight_smile:


Bit boring that one wasn’t it. Why does Negan go some places but send Nick Cave to others?


Very loud music and a zombie horde doesn’t seem to wake many people up


Aha, now we are on the same page! Apologies for my slowness :slight_smile:



Hoped one eye carl would be more bad ass, but I hate him even more now.

The darts scene was a nice dig at him though.



When I first saw the darts, I thought (and hoped) it Rick was playing…


I think it was more to reaffirm how the Hilltop are a bunch of softies.


I hadn’t thought of it like that but you’re probably right. Still doesn’t excuse the main guy opening his curtains with his bleary eyes as if he’s just been woken up by the neighbours barking dog.


When the high point is Maggie in a tractor you know it’s still dull.

this is the mid season break now right?


I think there’s another three episodes before the mid season break?


Shit episode in a shit season, leading to fuck all happening… Why are they focusing in the boring shit.


What a waste of whisky !

Fuck you Jesus !


Hi TWD watchers, can I have your non-comic book spoiler type theories on how/ when the show will reach it’s conclusion?


it won’t reach a conclusion while there’s money to be made


Bunch of soldiers turn up, shoot all the zombies, and are like, “hey, we’re here, don’t worry! The US government is back in control!”.

Flashforward six months and Alexandria is now a tech-worker suburb of a Google-esque company, and they’re all having a mediocre-looking dinner in their front garden. Rick does security, Carl is a programmer, Carol just bakes cookies all day.

Camera pulls away to show a ‘NEGAN 2020’ poster.





Welcome to a brand new beginning you sorry shits


It was all a dream! Rick wakes up from the coma surrounded by Lori, Coral and Shane. Hershel, Glenn and Michonne are the doctors that treated his gunshot wound.

Beth who was someother patient in the hospital strums the guitar and plays a wanky ditty.

Camera zooms in on Rick and he begins to laugh joyously.