The walking dead


Two options:

Bleak ending:
After much more walking and much more dead they reach the Canadian border only to be confronted by a massive HUUUGGGGGEEEEEE wall.
Our heroes who’ve traveled a perilous journey to the north beg the guards on the wall to be a given a shot at a better life - as Rick likes to do he really spells things out in very clear ‘metaphors’ to show how they are now like mexican immigrants. The guards then open fire. The end.

Not as bleak ending/slightly far fetched/cheesy as hell so likely to happen in TV terms:
Rick’s daughter is some sort of miracle baby who due to being born after the outbreak is immune to zombie-ism. So is Maggie’s kid. Between this and a 28 days style thing of walker eventually starving to death the future is okay. Time jump to 15/20 years down the line and elderly Rick and Michonne sit on a front porchwatch their kids doing farm work on a sunny day.


Another ridiculous episode - adding more characters and locations

And Tara is now some sort of comedian!

nice to hear Dirty Three


Urm Tara doesn’t know Denise is dead?!


yeah i was a bit lost with that timeline

I kinda even forgot Tara and the token black guy were still in the game


Yeah, even in the “Previously on The Walking Dead” bit I had no recollection of them going off.

I liked the episode though. Tara brings some much needed light relief.


Now TV (maybe UK Fox too, I dunno) don’t show the “previously” bit. I need it with the looooooong off screen periods for pretty much every character

Pretty dull episode.


So apparently it had been nine episodes since we last saw Tara and Heath?


His name is Heath!?


I’m purely taking that from the comics! Can anyone confirm his name?

It just felt like Tara repeatedly referred to him as ‘my friend’…


I’m too episodes behind (just seen Negan visit Alexandria for the first time) and jesus. This is terrible stuff. A proper fucking endurance run.

I only watch this show to get angry about it, but it’s just becoming so unbearably dull. What’s doing my head in the most is the way it’s structured. Focusing on different characters for whole episodes of a time, when those episodes move at a GLACIAL pace is just infuriating.

It’s impossible to keep up with the minor characters e.g. Olivia, Spencer, Dwight’s Wife, whoever Carol was shagging for a bit there, so I’m always a bit confused about what’s going on or how things will play out. Same with Ezekiel, he’ll obviously be in it more later but he seems already forgotten about. They keep throwing new characters at the show but don’t decide to stay with them.

But it’s main sin is repetition. Every scenario feels like it’s been done before and you know how it’s going to play out. I’m not sure how that is when there’s a character like Negan, maybe because he’s predictable in always going to do the worst thing? When Carl tries to stop the medicine being taken you’re like - for fuck’s sake Carl you know he could kill anyone for that? When Daryl is allowed to leave the jail cell you’re like - for fuck’s sake Daryl it’s a trap? And you basically know that Negan and all the other main characters are untouchable for quite a few episodes yet.

There’s a point where Negan is intimidating someone and he says “That was tense wasn’t it?” And I couldn’t help but laugh because there’s no tension or weight to anything happening at the moment.


This ^


Liked the dreadlocked zombie fake out.


How many episodes in are we? Pretty sure I’ve only watched the first three. Last thing I remember was a Daryl one about him being captured.

Gone from being a huge fan of the franchise to complete ambivalence, haven’t even read the last two issues of the comic. 161 is probably out, haven’t even gone to get it. Heh.



They don’t seem to have anymore tricks left up their sleeves.

The show needs an end game.


Sorry we are six episodes in so one more before mid-season finale episode.


Ah cheers, might try and catch-up tonight, got a free evening :slight_smile: :skull:


You might enjoy them more binged together :skull:


That’s this afternoon sorted then! I finish work at 3 :grimacing:


Ah get the beers in and keep out of the cold :slight_smile:


Second episode I haven’t loved. I’ve been feeling that this would be a ton better if you binged them in a few days.

I have no massive problem with the single character episodes, this one seemed to be a bit pointless though…or it would if they don’t get those guns.