The Walkmen

So so many great songs. Possibly the best gig I’ve been to was to see them. Let us know some of your faves. I miss them, what a band.

This is fantastic…so good at Sun too


Actually had a dream this week that they reformed (I never saw them live).

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Ah if only…I reckon they will at some point even if just to earn some $$$

Saw them twice- both times incredible!

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Are them the fellas that did the rat?


I saw them three times live. You&Me is their best album for me and In The New Year their best song. I had a week in Austin, Texas last year and saw Hamilton play. That was fun…but not as good as The Walkmen.

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Seen them 3 times. Once after You & Me, and twice around Lisbon. Such a strong band. Hamilton’s voice is amazing.

Where to even start…

Big fan of this I suppose

And this

Seen Hamilton a couple of times. Was fine, but man, his voice.

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Yeah You&Me is my fav but they’re all great…even A Hundred Miles Off is great.

Saw Hamilton last time he was over here…he’s got such a fucking raw powerful voice. Also told a great story of how “The Bride’s Dad” came about. Love that song “The Morning Stars” too

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Yeah I saw them in Portsmouth when they toured Lisbon…blew my mind completely. Saw their last gig in London at the Forum too. Even won tickets to a small show in London at that time but couldn’t make it :tired_face:

Snap, about a quarter full iirc

Wedgewood Rooms. Was about 3/4s full if that if I remember. Unbelievable!

Was pretty empty. Stunning gig though.

One of those bands I’ve never really properly gotten into despite loving some of their tunes. Obviously The Rat is a classic, but I also love Juveniles and a couple of others. Whenever I play through their records though I get a bit bored and nothing really jumps out at me. Guy has a fucking great voice though and I’d imagine they were tip top live.

P.S. Oh Hamilton and Rostam’s record had a few stonkers on it, In a Black Out especially.

One of my favourites. Got to see them in 2011? at the Glee Club in Birmingham (yes the crowd went mental for the rat and were then punishingly subdued for the rest of the set). This song gets me every time

Also love their take on this


You&Me is chock full of bangers.


They’re worth investing time in…some absolute classics lurking in their catalogue. You & Me is just elegant and cinematic and suave and brooding and classy. Bows & Arrows too.

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That Deerhunter cover is :ok_hand:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:

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Imagine having songs like Heartbreaker and Song For Leigh on your worst album. Most bands would kill for them.

Same as Blonde Redhead with Spain and Not Getting There On Penny Sparkle

Will stop being a dickhead and give them some proper attention right away!

Stop being a dickhead!

Not easy changing the habit of a lifetime