The War On Cars

A local pub has closed and has this outside

Lost a little bit of sympathy for the include of “cycle lane” there. Was it that, or was it the £30k rates increase? Hmmm…


I got this on one of my regular bike routes the other week, from a black cab driver. There’sa section of road that goes past the entry point to a park which is also a crossing point for one of the London ring footpaths and there’s also a school so there’sa crossing but also about 100m of segregated cycle lane. However the cycle lane requires you to cross a side road without priority and since I’m riding laps I don’t want to cede the priority I have on the main road. And it’sa quiet road and there’s still lots of room and it’s a 20 limit.

Cabbie drives past me and shouts “use the cycle lane” then drives up to wait at some lights a few metres ahead. I couldn’t be arsed to put the effort in to catch him at the lights, but if I had I would have said “hi. I work for Tfl. I set your fares every year. I’ve got your number and I think you need some refresher training on the Highway Code.”

And then I’d have turned left and ridden off.


Just to spell it out, the new Highway Code hierarchy system makes it very clear that in this situation you have priority. They should even have stopped if you were still on the pavement but looking like you were about to cross.

Kicking the car is probably wrong but as long as you didn’t damage it then fuck him. There have been times when I’ve fantasised about keeping my keys in my hand when riding round here so I can put a nice long scratch along any car that overtakes me too close, but that is staying a fantasy


Yeah, I definitely shouldn’t go round kicking cars, that was hotheaded and wrong. I feel like I’ve had more people wave me across roads since the changes, but there’s still so many drivers that manage to squeeze their poor little cars while I black the roads for those long seconds.

Traffic in Reading is fucked atm. The A4 westbound has a closure about a mile out of town, meaning big diversions and tailbacks and lots of angry drivers, some of whom seem to think driving the wrong way up one way roads is suddenly appropriate.

:dizzy: leadership :dizzy:


The Tories: your choice between the vacuous and the malevolent

I hope those 400 or so folk in Uxbridge are happy


When I say the problem in this country is centralisation etc etc

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What the fuck does that even mean?

Hope the cunt gets turned into paste by a speeding SUV

Tbf, I can’t think of a more British value than selfishness - especially when behind the wheel of a large machine that can kill people.

Ah well, the best we can hope for is for Sunak to drop a clanger on Monday and everyone sees it as an air shot.

The Mail article’s best-rated comment is a statement that says Sunak carries a record of not delivering on his promises.

Hopefully that translates into election apathy

And you may find yourself


The values of the British people are 30mph. That’s an immutable fact, even before we could travel at that speed we Brits yearned to reach it. Something about the terrain and atmospheric pressure of the country demands it.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe this is why we rule the waves, so to speak. It was an absolute necessity in case it turned out that boat travel was faster than land travel so we could reach 30mph sooner.


Was nice to see all these car drivers bringing the roads to a standstill in solidarity with striking train drivers this morning…


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Thought this was worth a watch.

Main thing I found interesting is that bikes can do more deliveries in a day than vans, despite having to go back to the depot, because it is so much quicker for them to park.


Being very flat probably has a benefit too

Most delivery vans around here don’t care where they park.