The War On Cars


Moins, si vous plait.

cw tragic unnecessary death

Car plows thru bus stop kills man.

Just ban cars.

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I want you to read this tweet and the realise, with horror, who the “privileged few” are referring to.



are they on about bus lanes… cos they’ve picked one hell of a 15 second clip with 3 buses using it :rofl:

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Plus 4 more in the background travelling in other directions.

Hard to say how busy the buses are, but even if they’re half full they’re shifting far more people than the other lanes.

Red route too, so it’s not Lambeth Council, it’s that dastardly Sadiq Khan.

Hard for you maybe. For me it’s a piece of piss :wink:

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In my defence, I don’t have my glasses on :slight_smile:

Fun fact: I have been heavily involved in the project to estimate bus loadings by stop in London for the last decade.


Sake. Done by the TFL staffers again!

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Hah, I’m pretty sure I know where this is, it’s Wandsworth Road heading from Vauxhall down towards Battersea/Clapham etc. I used to take the bus down there all the time and there’s plenty of places where it too gets stuck in traffic.

Anyway, pure clown college. Opening up that lane for traffic won’t nearly meet the number of people on those buses if they were all driving instead.


Streatham High Road? Located entirely on Wandsworth Road?

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it’s the people in the cars right? right?

Uhhh I can read, honest…

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just seen their full profile pic - “Equity Fairness Truth” - my brother in Christ you’re a drivers’ pressure group not a human rights org


Yeah I think it’s here:

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So in that video there is on street parking in the side road he’s standing next to and at the left hand side of his first shot is Tesco car park.

Now let’s dispense of the lanes with the stationary traffic and turn it into a boulevard, baby