The watch pocket on these jeans is ruined

Yet I have never used it

Anyone ever use the watch pocket? What do you put in it ?



is this a trick question


Interesting - do you forget they are there when you put your jeans in the wash?

Usually not

Just a single key? This would make me very anxious I was going to lose it

I keep my monocle and case in that pocket


I tend to keep my plectrums where my guitars are
I have little need to carry them around with me to the shops or wherever

Neatly folded 5 pound note


take my penknife, my good man


I used to keep hash in it back when hash was a thing.

Is it still a thing with the yoot?

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Yeah I don’t really put them in there anymore but I used to in the days where I might encounter a guitar in the wild and want to play it

My own guitars always have one or two of them already attached


How about a t-shirt that says #hash and then a massive floppy joint beneath it?

I lent some yute my cigarette lighter in a pub garden a little while back and then realised they were using it to burn hash they were using to skin up. I was mildly irked at this as it meant they kept my lighter for an extended period. Should have asked them for some/ where they got it


Interesting. I never smell it about anywhere. My sister’s ex would occasionally have some brought back from France.

I think it’s all weed grown within the UK these days wheras the hash of our youth was smuggled in from exotic places

This is a good alt.account idea

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Yup. Just remembered Thai sticks too.

These kids don’t know what they’re missing with their high quality GM modified shit. Smoking a bit of resin mixed with bicycle tyres and tar is a rite of passage.