The Watch TV series (Discworld) 🐢

Kicking off a bit on that Twitter.

I am somewhat concerned about this. WIll probably still watch it. Dunno.

Is that handsome slab of haircut and jacket meant to be Vimes?


Any adaption of Discworld is always going to be a tough one to do well and The City Watch series is probably my favourite so would hate to see it go badly. Fingers crossed though.

It looks like a mix between Neverwhere and Cats.

Not against that.

Yep, that’s old Blackboard Monitor, apparently.

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Far, far, far too good looking.

Not bothered by the rest of it really.

Too handsome. NOPE

Too handsome. NOPE



Of all the Discworld books I’ve often thought those featuring the Watch are the best placed to be adapted for the screen…but the’ve not got the look right. Where is the armour?

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It’s clear this is obviously going to be a very loose adaptation… looks interesting, at least. Think it will hit the themes right, even if the characters / design are different.

Saw a repeat of the Pratchett Back in Black doc the other night, lovely old Terry.

Shitworld more like.

(never read any)

Dickworld more like

read one years back, kept going on about insewerants, stopped reading

Wasn’t that the Abe’s Exodus shite?

yeah they’re probably terrible. the covers are pretty stupid. and as the saying goes “always judge a book by the cover”.

Try one, you might be surprised. Lots of humour, heart and depth in the books alongside the garish covers (which I think are ace). Guards! Guards!, Witches Abroad and Mort are all worth checking out.

I intended for you to get that joke, I did NOT intend to double post though.

looks like they’re not bothering with any non-human characters? will angua still be a werewolf?

Lack of Detritus is worrying :frowning:

and Nobby Nobbs :frowning: