The Watcher - FAO fans of The Scary Door

Quite a long but creepy article about a couple recently buying a gaff and then receiving some anonymous letters from ‘The Watcher’.


Triss Merigold > Yennefer don’t @ me


Any odd letters coming into your place since the move man?

Long read but worth it, but I’m confused about one thing at the end - so the cops knew that internal affairs were setting them up?

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Yeah why would he admit to that at the end there? Even so, it’s nice to have a very unsatisfying end like most of these true crime things.

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High five



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About halfway down, it seemed like they had a suspect (computer game player who’s girlfriend pulled up), then just didn’t investigate it further?

The guy that missed his police interview twice and then they sort of gave up? Aye some proper Wiggum-ing there.

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Forgot to mention, bit much to sue the previous owners because they didn’t inform them of some random note they received before they moved out. Americans do love to lawyer up don’t they…

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They were absolutely fine with it early doors too!

Long read but worth it, but I’m confused about one thing at the end - so the hook hand car in the car door hook?

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If the guy himself was getting PIs involved then it’s odd he also didn’t follow up on the lead the police dropped (the gamer).

Everyone sounds well creepy tbh, the woman mentioning young blood, the guy facing his garden furniture to their house. It’s The Burbs.

If it was a movie at they end they would find out the whole town was on on it and were all part of a satanic cult

It’s probably some weird kid. No one suspects the kids and they play with the owners family. I don’t care if they’re 5 - case closed.

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Detective Scout, you’ve done it again.


No surprise here. Doesn’t really say if it’ll be a docco or a drama or a docco-drama. Hoping for the former.