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Hello, I’ve thought of another thread series idea yeah.

How about right, we watch one episode of a classic TV show each week. Just one. And have a thread on it every Monday. And we start with The Wire?

Those who want to rewatch can, and newbies could watch it for the first time (and we could see their reactions), week-by-week like the good old days. The weekly threads would be spoiler-free of course.

  • That’s a good idea joke well done, I’d join in for The Wire
  • That’s a good idea joke well done, but watching The Wire in 2020 doesn’t appeal to me but I’ll join in with whatever you watch when you’re done… in 2021.
  • Stupid idea, stop wasting your life

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A decent idea which I will probably be unable to join in on unfortunately, although my wife keeps talking about us rewatching The Wire.

I picked up the 1st season last week as it was £2 on DVD. I have seen it before about 7 years back. About the right time for a re-watch.

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So what’s the problem?

We’re watching The Great right now which we might finish by Monday, I’m unsure. But if we rewatch The Wire (not sure if we have access as the DVDs are long gone I think) then we won’t be watching one episode a week so I’ll probably be a bit out of step quite quickly.

explain yous can only watch 1 episode a week due to a thread on the internet.

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This is a very very bad idea.:smiley:

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When I restart with watching the wire I’ll be watching far more than one episode per week I’m afraid

tried to watch it with my gf, she really can’t follow it due to all the language they use, so sadly I don’t have time for this one

Alright Theo’s partner


I like this idea and have been intending to watch the wire. Won’t it take a long time to get through doing only one a week though?

Is it like we watch the 1st episode together and decide to carry on on our own if we like it?

Yeah, just like the good old days

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No, one a week, we all watch one episode a week. So it’d take a year.

I’m not sure my addictive personality can handle that joke

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I have rewatched the Wire already this year so might just read the threads and then inevitably rewatch when I get jealous.

where can one watch the wire?

edit, hang on, let me google the link for LMGTFY for you

i’m confused as to what just watch is

It tells you where you can watch things

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