The Web app is mince


Posted the same topic twice but still no sign of it. Web app sucks or my phone sucks. Help


Going to try posting not using the Web app.


Uncategorized eh?


I can’t even see a Discourse app in the play store


What app are you talking about? Wasn’t aware there was one.


Is the post that’s not appearing one of the ones on your profile?


ie one of the ones on here


is this thread about Madonna?


sometimes swiftkey doesn’t work when i’m posting on mobile. makes me type words letter by letter.

how to fix

fao @nerds @geeks


Jeeeeez I don’t even remember making this thread :confused: I think, as Theo has pointed out, I had just not categorized it so I probably couldn’t see the thread where I was expecting to find it. Iirc was fairly drunk at the time so that wouldn’t have helped.