The web at thirty (unnecessary nostalgia thread)

What’s your earliest memories of the internet?

  • Looking at tiny screenshots of Super Mario 64 and imagining what the rippling effect of jumping into the paintings would look like in real life
  • Downloading sound clips of Father Ted
  • The After Dark flying toaster screensaver suite
  • Going onto an AOL chatroom at my uncle’s house and having someone do some low-level a/s/l sexytimes at me when I was trying to click away and my aunt kept yelling HANG UP THE PHONE HANG UP THE PHONE

Incubus chat room

In year six I think there was one internet-enabled computer in our school, and we would occasionally have sessions where small groups would be taken with a teacher to look at the computer and see what it could do. The first thing I remember looking up was “The Simpsons” and getting a page - presumably a fan blog or something? - with the lyrics for the Itchy and Scratchy theme tune written out. Someone else asked to look at motorbikes and the teacher ended up at a page called “Chicks Bikes” which wouldn’t load - don’t know if it was SFW or not. Weird how vividly I remember it.

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I enjoyed Slime Soccer and indeed, all other Slime-based sports games

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Typing in in an ICT lesson and the kid next to me saying “haha why are you going on


Spending my allocated 30 minutes of internet time of an evening downloading a single song from Napster (which often didn’t finish downloading in time).

Secondarily to that - having only half an hour a day when I was allowed to use the internet.


Going to my dad’s office at weekends to look up walkthroughs for stars in Super Mario 64 and to play a version of connect 4 on the Lego website

Or worse - spending your ten minutes of time on Freeserve downloading something off Napster that wasn’t what it said it was.

Fucking Napster.


Napster chat rooms whilst waiting for your songs to download were pretty wild

Some tiny Simpsons icons page with all the characters. Can’t remember its purpose.

Lots of wrestling stuff (, I’m gonna see if that still exists) and joining eFeds and eventually creating my own (dear god)

1992 at uni. I think Sussex was part of some precursor to the wider Internet (I vaguely recalled something called Ja-net - Joint academic network).

Somehow we found Douglas Adams email address and emailed him about some stupid thing from Hitchikers, and he actually replied! I wish I’d have kept that somehow, or printed it out :cry:


Easy, Lars




badger badger badger


Using up all the colour ink printing off promotional pictures for C&C: Red Alert.

Downloading the first episode of Futurama before it aired here. It came in several parts, was in Real Video format, the size was maybe 400x300, and it took hours to download. Hours and hours.

Getting a girlfriend in a chat room, making a date to meet on ICQ, and then being devastated when she stood me up.


Yeah, general public access to the internet happened in late 1993, at least in the US.

Fuck, that’s the coolest thing. I emailed Susan Orlean after seeing Adaptation and reading The Orchid Thief and she was genuinely over the moon. Wish I still had that email somewhere too.


mushroom mushroom

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Not one of my first memories but I’ve found myself using this website a bit recently

Cos it displays local authority boundaries and google doesn’t, and it honestly hasn’t changed design since about 2004.

I love that the original website for Space Jam is still online looking just like it did 23 years ago.

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Old BBC articles still render in the old website design