The Wednesday Evening and Dinner Thread (08/05/2019)

Hi troops. What youse up to? Good day?

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I’m making a coconut red lentil and sweet potato soup.

So far…


Hey sheeldz. Just had a crying session from the kiddo lasting 1hr15m. Not at all on edge now. Gonna give her a bath and have a cuppa.

Utter crapper of a couple of days - working/travelling 16 hours a day at the moment and my head is barely above water. Can’t even eat anything very nice either. Sucks to be me :woman_shrugging:

no chance of a petrol station fnc at least? :frowning:

Hey @rich-t

This is the result.


Got a night to myself tonight so will do podcasting and then some vidya gaymes.

I will stop at Teebs but I’m supposed be eating a low-carb day today and I don’t think fnc fits the brief. :cry:

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That looks very nice

i’d argue today would be the day to say fuck it, but you know, I have no will power.

All right. Dinner is roast veg and polenta thing I made yesterday. Going to pack for holidays tomorrow and watch the football.

where bounce?

Istanbul! Got a pal living there so few of us going to visit for a few days


should be a ‘magical’ few nights, eh.

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quiz night!

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evening all

after sitting in a day’s worth of sessions learning how AWS is the best thing ever, I have so little brain power left that I tried to touch in at the tube station using a Tesco Clubcard. twice.

think this evening might be quite relaxed…

Wahey! My mate was trying to get us Besiktas tickets actually but it’s their end of season too so don’t think he had much luck

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what's preformatted text for?

Home alone, still got a cold so nothing fancy, just a bit of pizza then vidya.

Nerd shit