The Wednesday Evening Thread

I have a night in myself, so Content Provider and Rocket League.


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Hello!! Trying to decide what cake to make. I’ve got a thing where I need to make a cake and there will be lots of other cakes so mine has to be the best cake. Help DiS!

Sheeldz, witches

Grizzly baby atm, so trying to figure out what’s wrong. Sure it’s just a little phase. No idea what’s for tea as my partner forgot to take the fish we were going to have out of the freezer.

Evening. Had a wee trip through to Edinburgh to sort out a visa and met up with the lovely witches for Wahaca. Then it took me three hours to get home because of all the people desperate to get back to Glasgow clogging up the roads. Still very very full. Not sure what to do this evening.

Rhubarb and custard cake?

@anon89873996 here is bee dress. What do you think? I’m not sure it suits me (colour, possibly a bit too roomy up top, and think my hair is too short maybe although that looks fine in the pic)


evenin sheeldz and witches and rich and gp and laelfy and perv and ctl


Evening sheeldz and etc. Just ordered some sushi, gonna watch telly and pack bags for Ireland in the morning


ooh for China right? I need to do this next week, was it easy?


First things first, have you booked an appointment? You need to do that first. Then there’s a form to fill out and you need a letter of invitation and all your flights and it’s a bit of a faff. If you haven’t done any reading up on it yet let me know and I’ll pm you deets. It also cost £££s. :grimacing:

Once I got there it was fairly straightforward.

Yep, appointment for next week. Saw the form on the website so gonna print that off. Have my flights and was gonna book all my accom which I thought would serve instead of a letter of invitation? Yeah if you have any tips to PM me that would be great! :slight_smile:

Just watching the Cricket highlights.

Curry stuff in the oven.

Got a small telling off for wearing shorts to the office last week :laughing:

Then gonna try finish Underworld.

Ok sounds like you’re on it already. I don’t know about the letter of invitation to be honest, my tour company gave me one and there is a space on the form asking you who your inviter is. I assume the ‘inviter’ is the person taking responsibility for sponsoring your entry. I would do some reading on this bit. They did pre-check everything fairly thoroughly and this was before they’ve even did their formal checks.

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Just had 2 linda mccartney burgers and a wispa gold. now it’s time to sleep. could really go for another wispa though.


Oh another thing, you have to fill the form in on a computer, they don’t accept handwritten forms anymore. My form wouldn’t save properly either so you have to keep it open in case you need to go back and make changes.

Aaah that’s a pain but good to know at this stage! :+1:

Hey up! NYC is SO CLAMMY.


really looking forward to my bath


Urgh. How was the flight? Are you having fun?