The Wednesday Evening Thread

What are your options Witches, can we vote?

photo of dog please


totally lost it at 1 minute :smiley:


Solidarity like

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Gonna try and be done with work at 8 and have a bit of an actual evening

3 year old was sick. Sick over the sofa. Now I feel sick and have done a bit all day, but not sure if sick or feeling sick from clearing up sick. Sicksicksicksicksick

Good idea, I’ll have a think of options for ya

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That pattern is amazing! It looks fantastic on you in the photo, but if it doesn’t feel as good on then I guess you will know really if you want to keep it?

Make a pie instead to subvert expectations :pie:

mmm… subversive pie :drooling_face:

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Steak pie and chips in the oven. I should be at the pub for the quiz in half an hour. BiL babysitting. He better not be late. Thankfully, the pub is only 45 seconds away.

had a lovely moment at my class earlier on where the student’s 3 year old sister who’d obviously been told my name before went from being uber shy when I walked in, but crept closer and closer towards us the entire hour and got more confident. at the end she was running around picking up random objects for me to say in English, at which point she would break down laughing before moving on to the next one.


All fine thanks! Isle of dogs and early man saw me through. As soon as we got going, even driving off to the airport I was fine. Thanks for your supportive words!!

It is feeling like 34, 75% humidity…great city though…yesterday we walked 11 miles. Legs currently knacked, kids becoming slightly irritable :sweat_smile:.

Top of the Rock was really cool. Look:


Monster cake


Guys, I think I’m going to make a pear and almond cake.

because I want a pear and almond cake, always

EDIT: Yes colin (maybe)(probably no)(but it’s very cool!)


Made to look like a monster???

Had fajitas, absolutely destroyed them.
Was a good dinner! :+1:


Just measured how much water I could fit into my mouth.
Standard evening really.


You’re a woman of exquisite taste.

I made an improvised cassoulet that I’m calling Greens and Beans for tea. It was excellent.

Just arrived at Oslo airport. Waiing for my mum whose plane landed only a few minutes after mine. That’s pretty much it for now.