The Wednesday Evening Thread

i don’t know, guys. i just… don’t know

:wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wassup man?

What’s up with YOU antpoc

starting to feel like my career was a terrible choice and i should move out to the sticks and live an easy life

I’m in the office for (hopefully) my last late of this cycle. Feeling a little bit mad in an exhausted way, listening to the Analyze Phish podcast and scouring the web for FM17 reviews to get pleased/upset by.

Just home after a long day of putting up posters. Got sorted with some more work for tomorrow as well.

Am listening to a podcast about the ‘Alien’ sequels now but I have to do a bit of editing and a lot of writing this evening and in the morning.

Why am I cramming in so much today and tomorrow? Because I’m going to London on Friday! HURRAH!

Have you ever had Oreo pops? If not you totally should.

So ruddy bloody creamy!

quite fancy flirting with someone

What’s the consensus?

Review wise? Mostly really positive with a couple of irritating exceptions (The Guardian gave it a really good write-up, said it was the best one yet and only gave it 3/5 which is really galling). The feature that I worked on most has been a bit more divisive than I would have wanted (although was expecting it a bit) but more people are saying it’s great than are criticising it so I can’t moan.


Hey good looking

good to hear! I’ve only played a bit of number 1 before (I’ll play 2 at some point), but I can’t imagine it’ll matter

1 is a bit crap, 2 and 3 are superb and you should deffo try and play them first IMO.

hey yourself!

2 is great but 3 definitely felt like it was trying too hard