The Wednesday Morning thread

Hello. Taking kids and partner to the airport and then five weeks home alone. Going to get a mcds or Tim hortons breakfast after.


The weather has finally broken up here.


5 weeks home alone. Both the dream and the nightmare. Good luck getting all that reading/listening/viewing done


Morning :wave:

I am en route to Gatwick to hopefully make it to Barcelona!


Morning all

Sat in Frankfurt airport on 3 hours sleep, pretty sad to leave Leipzig but the train was so nice I didn’t really mind so much. Less cool that in the airport I have to appear to the best of my abilities as a man, but also weirdly affirming that on both the outward and return of the trip I’ve gone to the airport toilets and freaked out a load of men upon their first glance at me. Guy in Manchester airport rounded the corner into the toilet, saw me, his face instantly changed to panic and then he backed out, inspected the sign on the door and came back in and studied me a bit more closely. Guy in here stared at me goggly eyed as I walked all the way from the door to the cubicle. Funny shit.

A minute ago I was absolutely smashing my high score on the chrome downasaur but then 4G suddenly appeared out of nowhere and interrupted a legendary run.

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I very much feel this one. So frustrating.

I’m back, Baños!

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Nothing doing today. Hoping for a relatively quiet day


I’m on a train for a bit, then on a coach for a while. Film festival at the other end of it all! :partying_face:

It’s raining and v humid. :hot_face:

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Muggy as fuck here. Hate it. Another busy day down the beer mines, might get a haircut afterwards, that’s about it from me.


Up early because the window/guttering cleaner bloke said he’d be here at 7.15. As of 7.25, he is not here.

Going to do a bit of gardening* later this morning.

*Put some plants in the ground.

Update at 7.29: They* are here. A 3 man team - thought it’d be one bloke balancing on a 30 foot ladder. Dog is, predictably, doing his nut at them.

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Debating between calling in sick or working from home as it’s meant to be an office day

Would still have to do the work though even if I called in so prob won’t waste a sick day

Pls get me to July and holiday

The builders are here. They’re not supposed to be here. I don’t know why they’re here. I am not mentally prepared for this.

Could you finish wiping as best you can and ask them what they want?

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Already forgot to ask how the large adult son’s newborn is. Just going to hide until they leave.

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In the office today against all better judgment. Had the last week off. Have already seen enough sneak peeks of my emails this week to know that its justified when i say my dread is off the scale.

The only thing worse than work is going back to work after being off. If someone could distill this feeling they could use it for psychological torture purposes

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I’m starving and want to go to breakfast but the rest of my family are all still in bed. I know you’re meant to relax on holiday, but you still need to eat!

Redeemed myself. Got told far too much information about his wife’s reproductive organs. Can’t win.

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absolutely goosed m8s

supposed to be in the office but have been conducting an experiment recently where I do not go into the office until someone says something/notices. Nothing mentioned so far.

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