The Wednesday Thread

Up early here in Cumbria, as I had to go to the office to grab a few cables cause my laptop’s monitor smashed yesterday whilst I was working on it. Not ideal. Going to have to use a monitor for a wee while.

Either way, hope you are all well.

How did it smash? :grimacing:

I played DnD for the first time last night and I enjoyed it so there. Tonight I will be playing volleyball and being terrible at it. Someone told me the showers are mixed gender but they’re winding me up, right? It’s at a sports centre complex thing.

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I lifted it up on the hinge and the bottom part, and it smashed under the pressure, I guess? I have a privacy screen on it, so maybe that cuased it. Not sure. Not spoke to IT yet… see how they see it…

Morning @sheeldz & @ma0sm

Hope you get the laptop sorted.

Got into the office for 6:30 this morning, leaving at 2 to drive to Walsall where I have a course tomorrow. It was lovely and quiet when I got in, now a woman with a screeching voice that carries is in and is breaching the peace. Little to report otherwise.

You’re in Holland. The Dutch have no qualms about that, obviously.

My new laptop is arriving today. Hopefully also my new bike wheels. Very exciting stuff.
Ankle is still borked

Perma-dread continues.



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Don’t really want to go into work but I’m sure it will be fine when I get there.

The kitchen drain smells and throwing chemicals at it hasn’t worked, so I suppose I’m taking the U bend off tonight. Something to look forward to.

What lappy did ya go for?

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I do not wish to attend my place of work today, but due to contractual constraints I will inevitably do so

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Awaiting 2 separate sofa deliveries. Spent the second night in my flat, was worried about what the sound isolation would be like between the flat downstairs, last night my worst nightmare was realised, they were playing some shooter computer game and obviously have a specialised sound system as the floor was shaking with machine gun fire. At least my bedroom seemed quiet, guess I’ll have to stay in there

Guess at least it means I can play musical instruments without guilt

Give ‘em hell


An accurate description of my toy accordion playing


Put the accordion through three boss metal zones and into a Hiwatt dr103 full stack come on man


Yooooorkshire!! Yooooorkshire!! Etc


First day back at work after indietracks :cry: :broken_heart:

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