the Wednesday thread

morning troops

up early to join a global town hall at 6am as i am missing the 2pm slot. just been bullshit after bullshit about money without any context. i feel like… if this is going to be a smattering of context free stuff about money, it might be good to provide some context? if i was making a presentation for 600+ employees about my technical crap, i’d be doing a lot of stuff with understanding stuff better before i just list off numbers. anyway.

hope the rest of the day is good. hope you’re well too.

Good morning, woke up because i was so upset about my dream,

dream chat

was walking down a weird ai looking street where it looks like a strwet but details were off, and there was a pigeon nesting in the middle of the road (the type of shit pigeon nest where the egg is next to her and she is sititng on about 3 sticks and we stepped on it by mistake and the pigeon was sadly examining the egg yolk :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

sausage sandwich for breakfast


Looking forward to a day of telling people that nobody is going anywhere in London today


On an unexpected late shift today to help a colleague out. Walk kiddo the mile and a bit into school, then gonna walk and birdwatch this morning. Try and find a Dartford Warbler that’s reappeared on the local reserve. Nice coffee and pastry maybe as well.

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Morning all!

I’m doing a class giving feedback on mock exams. It sounds boring but it’s dead useful and it’ll get that particular monkey off my back.

My afternoon is a practise assessment with my good class so that will be fine.

Good grief, I’m not feeling very well. Had a fever through the night and now just feel gross. Will i ever not have a cold?

Was trying to get the cat to keep me warm but he kept kicking me away :smiling_face_with_tear:

Morning all :wave:

No strike action for me and Cheekster 2, but strike action for Mrs CCB and Cheekster 1 :muscle: I’m off to Great Yarmouth instead. It’s a foggy, cold morning - it’ll definitely be fine when I get there but my enthusiasm is low at the moment.

Time for the :sun_with_face: DAYLIGHT UPDATE! :sun_with_face:

:sunny: :crescent_moon: Daylight :heavy_plus_sign:
King’s Lynn 06:13 18:02 11:48:26 +4:09
Brighton 06:15 18:04 11:49:28 +3:52
Glasgow 06:33 18:19 11:46:38 +4:39
Manchester 06:24 18:12 11:48:03 +4:15
The Beer Factory, Devon 06:29 18:19 11:49:47 +3:48
Newcastle 06:22 18:09 11:47:09 +4:30
Cardiff 06:27 18:16 11:49:10 +3:58
Belfast 06:39 18:26 11:47:26 +4:26

No milestones to report, but I hope you all have a happy day :blush:


That’s a weekend breakfast

sausage = no rules


I remember the good old days in high school where I’d start every day with a roll and square sausage and a can of Irn Bru then go to the chippy at lunchtime for two rolls and fritter and a can.

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Really want a roll and fritter now. Fuck.

On strike. Special K for me. Gotta get that B12.

Might get my hair cut.

cooked a pack of saus up last night but my darling partner is away so I had no choice

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I’m off until Friday and wife is on strike today and tomorrow, so that’s worked out quite nicely.

Gonna go out for lunch I think.

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Think this’ll be the last time I have to follow and report on the budget for work. :smiley: (unless there’s an emergency budget in the meantime which can very much happen)

Waiting on a big grocery delivery so I can make breakfast

I’ve come into the office today, but I feel like utter crap. I don’t know what’s up with me. No energy, no motivation. I thought it was post holiday blues when I woke up, but now I think it’s something a bit more serious. Might pack up and go home again, where I have drugs I can take

Feel sick after this


Has a slice of apple pie

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Am I the only fucker who had a miserable bowl of cereal for breakfast?!