the Wednesday thread

i had a GREAT bowl of cereal - Honey Shreddies, absolute king shit

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I had a strawberry yoghurt (and had strawberry pips inbetween my teeth for the next hour)

I had my standard bowl of gruel/porridge

Although I cook it on the hob over a low heat and stir Biscoff spread in, so I guess it’s more of a luxury gruel.

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Had my last slice of malt chocolate tiramisu for breakfast

Have to go into the office today :frowning:

The sun is shining :blush:

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i couldnt even, didn’t have enough milk for both cereal and coffee, had to make an executive decision

might pop out of a croissant soon

The Sir Kier Starmer story

Is there any other kind?

Bowl of granola, natural yoghurt and honey

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I had 1 (one) slice of toast with butter and peanut butter, as I do most mornings. And now I’m down the beer mines packing up orders and listening to Daisies Of The Galaxy. Could absolutely murder a giant fry up rn.


Tired Good Night GIF


alert. partner brought home a maccies breakfast with two additional hash browns.


I need a fringe trim so bad, I can’t even see, it’s like a curtain over my eyes :confused:

Watched this yesterday which was interesting if you like Brighton, the early 00s, event management or dance music.


On strike.

Going to a zoo that apparently has one or more capybaras. Hope you’re all looking forward to photos if that is correct.





It was hours ago but I had a cinnamon roll for breakfast. It was a bit stale and dry so OK at best.

not great today, been struggling this morning. Going to head into the great things on social media thread for a hopeful chuckle before getting back to work.

Pissed off with that also tbf. gone above and beyond with an employee who is having a hard time but also causing a lot of grief. I’ve done much more than i should but she has still emailed this morning saying she is disappointed in me. Just fuck off.

Anyway, dog is cuddling up so sorry for bringing the glum. Will take her for a walk and slap some split 7 inches on later and things should hopefully be better!

have fun fools x

Morning all, had a terrible night’s sleep complete with a night terror so that was fun.

It is my birthday today, last one of my 30s. At a music and fun thing with my daughter today, which is chaos. Later we’re giving her to the grandparents so the TV and I can go out for a nice meal.


Happy birthday exact birthday twin!


happy birthday to both you punx!