The Weekend Football Thread

It really is the Greatest Derby on Earth at lunchtime, as Flopp’s brave, brave boys run really hard and Jose’s £400m marvels punt it up to their big striker for ninety minutes.

Elsewhere, City due their three-monthly brainfart, against Les Hughes’ vastly underated charges. Injuries mounting and our poor players must be very tired after having to spend last week flying around the world. Plus, ooooooh Napoli on Tuesday. Pools panel says - away win.

Some good Euro footi on.


What are you watching?


  • Bilbao v Sevilla
  • Liverpool v United
  • St Albans v Boreham Wood

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  • Juventus v Lazio
  • Wolves v Villa
  • Watford v Arsenal
  • Dortmund v Leipzig

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  • Roma v Napoli
  • Atleti v Barça

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thread title’s a bit much


Out all day, but I’d probably watch the two EP Premier L matches then Roma-Napoli, so I voted for those.

HAVE A GREAT DAY EVERYONE! Hope your team(s) do(es) a/the win(s)!

Watching Utd Liverpool at hotel football (presuming they’ll show it). Can’t see past a TAA hat trick

Sorry for your deep offence, chief. It was meant to be a play on Murdoch’s dominance of the media and their relentless re-glossing of English top flight football. I’m happy for @colon_closed_bracket to change it.


… to?

‘The Genetically Inferior Weekend Football Thread’.



Haha errr

‘The Weekend Football Thread’ will do…

Not really sure how the derby will go. Felt quietly confident at the beginning of last season, having only played mediocre opposition, only to get spanked by City in our first serious game. Reckon we’re in better shape this year, and Herrera is a decent replacement for Pogba and Fellaini, just don’t think we’ve had anything close to a real test yet. Liverpool look ropey, but always perform in the big games.

That said, it’s a hyped United game, so the score will of course be 0-0.



Wolves is gonna be tough tonight

Managed to score a ticket to go to Anfield for the game today, so pretty chuffed with that

Sky have certainly had some air time to fill this week seems like most hyped game I can remember in years

They do it every year

I hope Liverpool lose 5-0. The Man City-Liverpool game made me so happy.

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Have some faith in your expensively assembled team ffs.


Impossible to see anything but a draw and an insufferably smug Leslie at the Emptihad today.

Going to be another terrible weekend for us, mate.