The Weekend Football Thread


not watching the derbeh as I’ll be out. think I put it down as a draw on the accy thread, but its got a 4-0 United demolition written all over it.


No it hasn’t.


Listen, the city lads have already set the tone up thread, not interested in being difficult this weekend.


He’s right to be pessimistic tbf. We are going to wipe the floor with them.


My pleasure at being on my way to Anfield is also being tinged with dread at a probable United thumping.


No Bailly and fucking Darmian…


my internet’s being slow as fuck so i might actually have to go to an actual pub just to watch the fucking football. Bloody disgrace.


The smart money is on two yellows for Smalling


Bailly and Rashers injured on top of all the other ones is a ballache


Rashford is on the bench


Aye but he’s got a knock according to ol Jose


Ah, fair dos


if anyone knows any good you know whats, hmu. looks like I might not be able to make it to the pub.



Yet another game I can’t watch. Only one I’ve caught all season was the stoke draw… #GGMU


Fucking. Hell.



(message me)

(pls xxx)


a friend tells me reddit soccerstreams are worth a google


Misread that as “GENIUS IN A CAT FLAP”


hope this is as exciting as RED MONDAY