The Weeknd - My Dear Melancholy,

The Weeknd released a surprise album this Easter called My Dear Melancholy, that’s why I named this thread like I did, kinda makes this sentence pointless.

Anyway, mostly done with the guy by still have a curiosity if he can still put out something decent. Saw it’s got a couple of collabs with Gesaffelstein which sounds promising. Haven’t listened yet though, not curious enough to use my data.

Any #hottakes out there, team?

Had a listen the other night. Liked it.

Wife said it was quite good. but only quite.

Less pop and more melacholia again (clue was in the title).

First impressions are that it reminds me why I liked the guy in the first place.

I hammered house of balloons when it came out and slowly tuned out afterward. With a voice like that you can’t blame him for going for the big pop dollar and I Can’t Feel My Face is obviously amazing but found that the lyrical content got a bit boring once the murky production went away - this sounds like it might be good stuff. Gessafelstein makes scary music.


Interested in this if Gesaffelstein is involved. Edited the thread title to add the comma in the album title too.


I felt you would appreciate the gesture. Thank you for confirming this.