The weening ourselves off meat thread (ROLLING)

Watched this last night - maybe nothing new but it was bleak viewing, especially having it all in one serving.

So given that it is unarguable that all decent humans should at least be eating less meat, certainly eating sustainable meat (if such a thing exists) - and maybe giving it up altogether please use this thread to post delicious recipes and suggestions to help us all along on the journey.

Also the cow with a hole into his stomach will haunt my nightmares until I die.


Gonna try these dickheads at the weekend.


If you’re looking for a “meatball” recipe, these are the best. I’ve made them a lot


If you think you need a meat substitute to help with this I recommend Vivera (their shawarma kebab on a nice seeded flatbread is so good). And ‘This’ chicken is so much like chicken I find it hard to believe it isn’t.

Check out the vegan threads, there’s some amazing recipes in there :slight_smile:

Holy trinity of Jones, Sodha and Yotters Otters. Plus the Green Roasting Tin and you’ll be set for ages.

Need, Got, Need, Need

They are all John The Baptist to Isa Chandra’s messiah

Since getting the Thug Kitchen book I have sworn to stay away from anything ‘punk’.

Oh the link I have seen is just hosting something of hers. Please ignore.

reckon I could do it in the UK without issue. if I’m cooking for myself, I’ll spend weeks subconsciously not eating meat since many of the things I like to eat are vegetarian anyway (cheese, hummus monster, bread, felafel, pasta etc). Its more difficult to make these meals healthy, I find, since one of my staples when I’m being healthy is literally just piece of grilled meat with shit tonnes of veg. but i’d still manage to substitute the protein with some veggie protein if I wanted to.

genuinely think it would be impossible to be veggie where I lived Spain. My housemate tried it for a bit and became unhealthy, run down, and ended up eating stuff he thought was vegetarian but actually contained meat. you’d pretty much have to give up eating out since everything is either meat or cooked in meat. many people keep personal pigs in their back gardens for a slaughter festival every year there, just to give you a feel for how meat obsessed this place is. I didn’t know a single vegetarian the whole time I was out there, and I’m not surprised. Plenty of ex veggie Americans/British that just couldn’t make it work. Probably doable in one of the big cities, but even then, I’m told its harder than in the US or UK.

We’re trying Balonz, believe me we’re trying.



the most usual use of wean, surely?


This week I will mostly be eating

  • Mushroom and tofu stroganoff (Isa)
  • Chipotle mushroom tacos (Isa)
  • aubergine and breadcrumb fettuccine (Isa)
  • chana saag (Meera)
  • Thai red lentil chilli (Isa)
  • veggie sausage and broccoli pasta (BBC)
  • massive cheese pizza (The Pizza Company)

Making a lot of stuff from these peeps

I’d been heading in the direction of vegetarianism for years but never quite made the final step, until I read the book Eating Animals one summer. That was it. (I quit chicken years prior after watching Food, Inc., a documentary.)

So if you need more veggie propaganda to tip you over, I’d recommend those two.

Personally I’ve never had a recipe from the green roasting tin book that was anything other than fine/10.


The escalivada thing is nice but you need to add some flavour in there to make it good - I put paprika in.

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Guys, it’s “wean”.

Ween are these guys.