The weening ourselves off meat thread (ROLLING)

Not into stand up?

Having a pulled pork bap tonight (except it’s not pork- it’s king oyster mushrooms, shredded in BBQ sauce).

It’s really good.

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I’m slowly getting there. My wife is vegetarian and my eldest is practically a vegan now. So partly forced on me through ease and partly through my own desires to be more environmentally conscious, my meat consumption has decreased drastically.

I’m not sure I’ll ever go full vegetarian, simply because I’m weak-willed and pathetic, but only having meat once week or on special occasions, is working for me.

Tonight we are having this:

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I only eat meat very very rarely now (and never usually in the house) but if I’m eating out I’ll have fish/ seafood. After making a decision to cut down and support my bf who became vege, I actually find I’ve completely gone off meat and can’t stomach the thought of a steak now.)

It was picking through some chicken thighs to get rid of some tendons or something that made a switch go in my head. Couldn’t get over how minging it was any more.

Let’s see if it sticks.


I didn’t see this programme, but in the fields next to my parent’s house there are cows, for a few months when I was a kid there was one with a hole in its side, which used to have to poo poking through, and it was very unpleasant to see. Thanks for the memories.

When I ate meat I didn’t eat very much dairy. I am finding it really hard not to eat lots of dairy now that I don’t really eat meat, because I find it crops up in a lot of veggie recipes (and feels like a ‘reward’ element of a meal in the absence of other animal produce.) I’m not sure which is better/ worse (meat/dairy). But I do know I need to get back on top of my dairy consumption soon, however hard as it might be. After Christmas I’ll give it a much better attempt.

I’ve been vegetarian for about 2 years now and was ridiculously dairy and egg heavy at first. Still use a bit of cheese and butter in cooking but have completely stopped buying cows milk now, and massively cut down on other dairy. Still eat a fuck load of eggs but they’re a bit healthier and better environmentally

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Also- quick general question, but I recently had vegan ramen at a place that was lovely and I asked what they used for the ‘meaty’ bits and it was TVP. Is this stuff really really bad for you or what? I looked online and saw some pretty scary claims about how bad it is for you. I thought it tasted lovely and could be the answer to my prayers for a lot of my cooking. But obviously if it’s going to kill me I won’t bother, probably.

I’ve never been a milk consumer in milk form, but I am struggling so so much with cheese.

Stopped buying stock cheddar cause it just goes so quickly. We have veggie pecorino/parmesan in for generic pasta, then buy small amounts of good stuff from the deli when we want cheese and crackers

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Found it quite easy to cut down on meat. Since January I’ve one meat dish a week unless its a special occasion (which hasn’t happened that much). Gonna get that down to none unless its a special occasion next year (don’t really feel comfortable turning meat down if me mam is cooking for example). Will also do vegan at least half of the week.

I’ve got no health conditions though and I’m not a fussy eater so it’ll obviously be more difficult for others.

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this lad had a kind of grommet with a rubber plug and you could just pull out the plug and see how the digesting was doing.

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Long term vegetarian here (twenty five years) but it’s only in the last eighteen months or so I’ve made a concerted effort to cut down on dairy. Well into oat milk now (which means that my milk expenditure has virtually tripled), and nutritional yeast is good for giving a cheesy taste to meals that want real cheese. Worst thing for me is making up packed lunches for work. I try to be good with couscous and lentils and spinach all mixed up with some spices and so on, but when it’s late at night and I’m trying to make a lunch before going to bed I’ll admit I’ve succumbed to a quick and easy cheese sandwich instead. Always hate myself at lunch the next day, but never learn.

I used to live on tvp when I first became veggie in the late 80s. Needs a lot of sauce, soaking and cooking in it. Only came in chunks them too, like dog food. Ahhhhh

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Found giving up meat easy, milk easy enough, cheese a bit harder

Hardest for me was definitely giving up eggs/milk/butter in sweet/baked stuff and chocolate etc

Although I kinda think after getting used to just packing away loads of dark chocolate a snickers would probably be too sweet now

Just ate a Linda McCartney burger for dinner, so good (though it does contain cheese, which I am trying to cut down on obviously). Don’t really understand why you would buy a meatburger when these are so good.


Think I must’ve been about fourteen when I started so can’t remember how it tastes and never learnt how to prepare it.
There’s just no reason for something to die for my dinner, never has been. The environmental and political impacts of farming are conveniently brutal but really I just don’t want to take part in some cow’s pain.


Cows are so underrated aren’t they

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Properly fucked this up, btw. Leave it to Mrs Shoebox in future.

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