the weird and wonderful world of takeaway menus

inspired by this as discussed elsewhere

show me what ya got


I remember reading an interesting article about how you can more or less guess how old a takeaway is by its name because they started with more stereotyped names like Aladdin’s Cave or something and worked through to either vaguely fast food inspired ones like this or more authentic names. Can’t find it so you’ll have to trust me that it was interesting.

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Their breakfasts seem both cheap and start late.

Not complaining. For those prices I’d buy both a five and seven piece breakfast and see what turns up.

Got one a while back for an “Indian” restaurant called Luigis. Had a burger on the front


Mamma mia!



this is exactly the kind of thing I was after :+1:

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The fried chicken ones worked their way through all 49 states that weren’t Kentucky till they got to the famous Deep South state of… Alaska Fried Chicken


And their sausages, both plain and battered come with a free scoop of chips.

All for 2.00. Not sure whether that’s pounds or dollars.

You ever ordered an omelette from the British/European section of an e.g. Chinese takeaway?

  • Do I look like some kind of cunt to you
  • Yes

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Love it when they have a “kids menu” with loads of grim pictures of mini-pizzas, fishfingers etc. but they stick a clipart Mickey Mouse on it so it’s alright!

  • I know what a sausage supper is
  • I do not know what a sausage supper is and also when I say “drawer” it sounds like “draw”

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I used to live round the corner from this place

At the time, it had a different sign that had the name as MAMA WIA. Arguments raged in my household abour whether it was actually called Mama Wia or whether they had just hung the M upside down by mistake. Obviously it was the latter but I’m glad to finally have confirmed it just now.


My local chippy does:

fish and chips and related (sausages/scampi/nuggets etc)
Subway style sandwiches
Ice creams (?)
Southern fried chicken

and more. The only have 2 staff on at a time to make all that.

it’s amazing. (I’ve been through a lot of the menu but not risked a kebab or one of their subs yet tbh).

There’s someone on here who says they buy those from the supermarket and eat them cold straight out the fridge




the word supper just means “and chips” doesn’t it?

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MAMA WIA. Were I wo awain


Look just vote in the poll ffs

The Red Arts Cafe in Dalston is a Turkish restaurant but I really like their omelettes.

Always concerns me slightly when a takeaway has too many items