the weird and wonderful world of takeaway menus

I don’t know why we didn’t, like, check what it said on the box. We used to get pizza from there all the time. I think we probably only had the argument when deciding where to get takeaway from, and had forgotten about it by the time we got there.

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You ever have one of those ice cream desserts from a takeaway that’s like a clown’s face or something?

  • Yes, I would describe my childhood as “happy”
  • No and I still resent my parents for it

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My hometown has a takeaway that does a few things but specialises in pizza.

It’s called Amigos, of course.


I have ordered from the European section but not an omelette

Plain omelette, or cheese and onion?

Genuinely a sausage supper I think

Can’t remember but I’m sure it was great

they’re a breakfast/brunch place as well aren’t they?

don’t think they fit the bill (good place though)

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Thats got to be a joke… right :nauseated_face:

There’s one in Manchester called Peter Pan’s Fried Chicken

That first menu has put me off my tea

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Places shouldn’t do more than one type of food.

Unless it’s Japanese/Peruvian

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I bloody love takeaway menus and the mad stuff they have on them. When I lived in London we got so many through the door that I tried starting a Twitter account dedicated to weird shit on takeaway menus, it didn’t take off, who can say why.

My favourite was this pizza place in West Norwood that made a big point of telling you how it was run by a former Pizza Hut employee so they knew everything about pizza. The menu had all the usual stuff on, but then there was a disclaimer warning customers that because they used frozen fish, all their seafood pizzas were ‘a bit soggy’. Then at the end of the menu they had a section for caramel pizzas, ie pizzas with caramel sauce instead of tomato sauce. They still had mozzarella and other savoury toppings on, it sounded absolutely rank, I loved it. Hope they’re still going.


Our local chinese takeaway does a good fish and chips, they still have the same staff working there since I was in high school, sneaking out for lunch to buy chips from them. Actually at the end of my road, the post office, cornershop and Chinese takeaway have had the same staff for the past 20 years at least which is nice to see


Anyone had French tacos?

No but I keep getting ads on instagram for sushi tacos which I am not enjoying

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There’s also a place in Leeds that do them

Completely standard Chinese takeaway menu here