The Wembley Lasagne

Do you see it more like this

or this

  • To the roof
  • Just the pitch
  • Other (which will be explained in a reply)
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really hungry now

Think it would be impractical to build it on the seats


Top one looks tastier too


Just to the pitch has a better cheese crust.

Nice bit of fresh herb garnish :herb::ok_hand:

They’ll cook it in the car park, then cut it into portions and place one on each seat

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it’s being cooked using the underpitch heating, so if you go over the seats and that there’s going to be a lot of uncooked bits which is the kind of health and safety disaster we could do without right now


Lasagne is famously a square. If you built it to the roof of that shithole it would become a circle.

If we were talking about, for example, a San Siro lasagne, that could go to the roof.

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reeeeally want lasagne now.

oooooh, we do have that ragu stuffed conchiglie taking up a lot of space in the freezer and need to eat something tomorrow, @Gnometorious… just need to make a Mornay sauce, from memory.

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on the pitch would just be like 1,000 normal lasagnes next to each other. what’s the point in that?

it has to be big!

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Can I just say that a few media outlets actually contacted The FA to ask whether the story was true. Seriously.

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would imagine they contacted them just on the off chance they would get a slightly amusing quote they could run next to their story

I did shepherd’s pie last night - properly nailed it now.
Would’ve looked good in The Millennium Stadium. To the roof. Cheese on top.

The Enfield Haunting



how do you feel about a serving of lasagne cooked in a single portion oval dish and served as such?
Personally, I’m borderline furious at the thought of it

I’d be furious about it if it was even a remote possibility. Luckily we live in a world where nobody would do that.

I’m very sure this has happened to me in low quality pubs, so I’m afraid you’re mistaken about that.