The west coast of Scotland

I’d like to have a mooch up there, like. Looked into the train routes and they seem to primarily be to rip the backs out of numpties with too much money. £200+ for an overnight cabin that resembles the inside of a portaloo, etc.

What i’d like to do is stop off at a few nice places along the coast, maybe spend a day and evening in four of five different spots, etc.

Has anyone done this? Has anyone done it via train? What are the better non-Tory places to visit? Is it possible on a budget? Should i just book a seat on the sleeper train and worry about it when i get there? Should i just go to Tenerife instead?

better off in tenerife tbqh



Just go to Glasgow?


Loads of great places up the west coast, that being said I’ve never done any of them by train.
It’s especially great if you like your seafood

I want to go somewhere nice.


As nice as the journeys are, a lot of the towns and villages built up around West Highland train stations don’t have much going for them. Plockton definitely worth a visit though - that entire stretch of coastline along Loch Carron is lovely.

I’d probably aim for Oban and knock out a few islands (Mull, Colonsay, Kerrera and Lismore all within short boat journeys). Tobermory on Mull is great and Colonsay is properly wild and remote (but with a good pub).


Don’t go to Stranraer. I went 3-4 times a year as a child, and it’s shite.

I’ve been up to Assynt in the far north west a couple of times, around Lochinver. It’s bloody great, stunning scenery and beaches and wildlife and no one else about. You can’t get there by train though, sorry.

Some very nice scenery but it’s almost certain to be pissing it down with rain the whole time.

by train from Glasgow, Oban and Fort William and both direct and fairly easy, (as well as being stunning in their own right) and can be done in a day, or make stops a long it. I think if you got an open return to fort william you can slowly make your way back down the coast using the same ticket over the space of 30 days? Further than that then you are looking are smaller connections.

Mine too.

It would indeed. My Gran was from Liverpool but my Grandpa lived in Stranraer his whole life bar about 10 years in the middle.

I now live in Glasgow but grew up on the east coast where there is loads of nice little towns and villages to the South. It’s great if you’re into being surrounded by fields and hills and tranquility… Car would be the best option to get around me thinks