The West Wing

Anyone else doing a re-watch (or first watch) alongside the excellent The West Wing Weekly podcast?

Yes. The cast interviews are especially wonderful.

<3 Schiff and Whitford.

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yeah I think that’s the main thing I’ve found so far is that the cast are incredible, and so friendly and nice you can see why they had a great time making it, and even when there were clearly some issues and stuff (especially going forward) they are still great friends at the end of it. I really hope they get Alison Janney on it soon. The recent one with Marlee Matlin was great.

I had to skip ahead and watch 18th and Potomac and Two Cathedrals. Such a superb finale.

I loved the first episode of the show. It’s clearly something I’ll really enjoy but I’m put off by how much of it there is.

Is the podcast good for first watchers?

I loved it but I’m afraid to rewatch it because I’m worried it’ll be insipid centrist American exceptionalist bullshit.

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I started a rewatch before listening to the podcast with the gf so I’m about a series and a half ahead of them. It’s a great listen though.

I’m interested to hear how they handle Sorkin leaving/the post-Sorkin episodes.

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yes definitely, the podcast has almost finished season 2 so you can go at your own pace, once a week is almost cruel! It’s made by the podcast host Hrishikesh Hirway who makes the highly recommended podcast Song Exploder, and actor Josh Malina who is really funny and comes into the West Wing cast in season 4. Most weeks they’ll have a guest normally from the cast or behind the scenes.

I think it’s great how much it holds up and has aged really well. Sure it’s a bit schmaltzy at times but it’s definitely some of the finest TV ever.

Cool, this could be the incentive for me to watch it.

I love a watch along podcast. The Bald Move guys make shows tons more entertaining when I’m combining a show with their podcasts.

Alison Janney would be great. She was always great but the rewatch is really highlighting how difficult the role of CJ is and how completely she nails it. Of the interviews so far obviously Schiff’s first was a highlight, but I was also really interested to hear Rob Lowe’s ‘alternative history’ of the West Wing.

And yeah, the last 5 episodes of season 2 are such a peak. Not sure there’s a better run of episodes in all of TV.

@colossalhorse Yeah, the Sorkin transition is going to be fascinating. I still no nothing of what happened there.

I really hope they get him on to discuss it. I know he was busted for drug possession around that time and from what I’ve read was just completely burned out (which given how much of the WW he was writing - some at the same time as Sports Night - is no surprise) but how it all went down is still a bit of a mystery.

Kind of. Watched the first two series and now listening to the podcast. Waiting for it to catch up before I start series 3.

Yes. Love it. They’re both so funny and insightful. I’m hoping they get Obama as a guest at some point. Skipped ahead a few weeks back, couldn’t help it. I usually remember to watch the upcoming episode again before Weds. It’s not a chore when this run of episodes are so good though.

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Having Obama discuss the West Wing would be astoundingly meta, especially if they get him in to discuss Santos.

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Anyone still doing this w/ podcast?

I’m a fair bit behind only a few in s6.

Hoping to catch up for s7 and do it in ‘real time’

I don’t commute any more so my podcast listening has gone right down and this dropped off my list. I might catch up with the show and watch the last season (is that where they’re up to?) while trying to listen to it as well as much as possible

They up to towards the end of s6 atm

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Ok cool. I really like S7 and it’ll be good while paralleled to 2020 so I’ll try and get back into it.