The western world is in a rut

When it comes to the design and building of new rollercoasters

Agree, they’re going round and round in circles



The new rollercoaster designs are off the fucking scale, but they’re being shut down by Big Themepark

On the other hand, it’s a golden age for doctored videos of musicians riding rollercoasters


Rollercoasters don’t do that

Ok then

Think it’s a result of focus on integrating more technology in rides because it’s a less demanding process in terms of engineering. Disney World’s most advanced coaster is probably Expedition Everest, which is fantastic, but opened in 2006 - and to be fair, probably isn’t much more exciting than Space Mountain, which is ancient. Whereas the newer attractions are things like Avatar Flight of Passage, which is basically a glorified arcade game where you get in a seat and the sensation comes from being in front of a giant screen.

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I’m sure I read something years ago saying they could make coasters much scarier if they wanted but they don’t as people would be too scared to ride them (or enough people to make it worth their while anyway)

It’s not really just about being scarier (as in quicker, more twists), just offering new experiences. I much prefer a themed coaster to a straight up scary one

What are your top 5 'coasters Jordo?

Once again the true prophet of our era saw all this coming

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I really liked Pirates of the Caribbean at Eurodisney. Went on it twice I liked it that much.

Ones that make you go upside down and stuff can fuck right off though.

Can’t count that as a 'coaster, sorry, I don’t make the rules.

No I guess not. As usual I was ignoring the question because I don’t play by the rules (or go upside down voluntarily).

Apparently the category POTC fits is called “Dark Rides” in industry jargon:

They got too scary too soon. We’re not ready for that yet.

have always wanted a rollercoaster that has a gap jump in the rail, they must be able to design a safe gap jump surely

They should make all the carts and tracks see through. Polymers.

It’s A Small World is definitely a Dark Ride.

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