The Wheel of Time

can’t believe it’s down to me to start this thread… c’mon @cutthelights get your finger out.

new amazon series. think the first couple (?) of episodes are out now, any of yous watched it?

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Loved the books, made it 1.5 eps through this before had to turn it off.
Terrible pacing, just took everything out of the story to care about completely. Pretty sub average acting, and the effects are sub-Dr Who level. Sad!

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just watched the first episode

first half wasn’t great… second half with moraine fighting the trollocs was fun enough. we seem to be zipping along at quite a clip. frist episode in and we’re already on our way to the white tower. can’t really remember the exact chronology of events in the book but seems like we’re going pretty quick.

some of the dialogue is a bit cringe which doesn’t exactly bode well for the rest of it. will i watch it all anyway?

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The bit where they leave the town by basically turning around and just going bye got a genuine lol out of me. Think they’ve got 8 episodes in total but not all of them are up yet.

almost certainly doesn’t exist, sorry japes

To be fair there’s a shit ton of story to get through, but like, GoT seemed to manage fine (until they ran out of books).

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thought you’d be right into this

there’s wizards and orcs and all that shite

i read about half of the first book but couldn’t get on with it. cheaply produced amazon scifi never really bodes well either does it. reckon this is about the level the LOTR prequel will sit at n all.

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I’d be worried if they were still in Emond’s Field beyond the first episode.

There’s still meeting Min, Loial, Thom, everyone getting separated, Perrin meeting Elyas, meeting up in Camelyn and Rand seeing Logain and meeting Elayne, Gaywn etc, then there’s the whole Shadar Logoth/mashadar and jewelled dagger bit, and also the using the Ways to get to Fal Dara. And that’s before you get to the Eye of the World climax.

hmm aye alright i guess a bunch of stuff does happen

i’ll see how the rest of it is pacing-wise. part of me was thinking maybe they forced a big special effects fight at the end of the first episode to try and hook people in to watching more of it idk

The first book is definitely the zippiest, if cliche-riddled, and I don’t think they can cut any of the major plot beats.

In the middle of the book series it gets bloated and saggy, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they cut out:

The trek back from Rhuihdan, the politics of the sisters in exile, most of the Bowl Of The Winds quest, the prophet and Faile’s capture by the Shaido.

What was the budget for this? Isn’t the LOTR series costing about a billion dollars or something?

Think they’ve written Elyas out of it

Yeah sorry @japes I’ve been obsessing over this, I’d been contemplating starting this thread for ages

My opinion so far is the first two episodes are really weird and the pacing is all over the place but the third and fourth are class

The showrunner Rafe Judkins has come out and said he had a two hour pilot written all set in Emond’s Field but Amazon came along and said it needed to move along faster

The casting for this has been absolutely fantastic


Everything you’ve described here seems to be the thrust of the first season

rand is a bit wet, but i guess that’s his character
not sure about nynaeve, but haven’t seen much of her tbf

mat seems a good fit
everyone else is fine so far

The way they amalgamated Rand and Mat’s journey to caemlyn into the encounter in the mining town in the third episode is :kissing: