The where is Jeremys_Iron's wife right now thread



For @Jeremys_Iron to update.

(regularly please, Jezza)


I hope my wife doesn’t read this thread…


I’m terribly sorry, J-man.

Mods, if possible can you amend the thread to read ‘wife’ instead of ‘girlfriend’.


Just use your remote internet history reader to find out.




You’ve got my username wrong too :frowning:


@mods can you sort please?


Where will she be at 1pm?


Looks like lunchtime to me.


Lovely stuff - can you check with your joint account and see how much she’s spent in there? That way we can guess at what she bought.


Thanks @plasticniki



That’s barely enough for a coffee in Pret. Maybe the hot guy she’s with is buying her lunch.


But I’m in Angel!



This really feels like an invasion of her privacy


But you keep coming back for more though Ruff-dog!

Edit: I think I’ve mentioned where she works before and she’s now in Pret so I won’t go any further with this.


Hey now I came in here for some good anti-tech bants - didn’t expect you to be broadcasting it still!!


You’re a little quick to get this shut down. Not in Pret by any chance are you Ruffers?