The "Where's the Friday Evening Thread" Thread

This is not the Friday Evening thread. Just wondering where it had got to.


At the tap & kitchen. A @xylo recommendation

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I was expecting this eventually, but not in the first post!

What’s it doing there? Friday evening is it’s time to shine, not go off on a piss up!

My next door neighbours are turning me into one of those miserable pricks who hates babies, because whenever the screechiest child I’ve ever heard (it’s not his fault! He’s a baby, he can’t help it) isn’t making a racket, they’re making an even louder racket, which is leaving me with no patience left to tolerate the baby, who is innocent in all of this.

Anyway, I had pizza and now I might go stick my head in the washing machine to get some respite from the noise.

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I went to Corby today.

It was brilliant!


I sympathise hugely Epimer. Hopefully when someone finds the evening thread everyone else can too.


Was the thread there?

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the what now?

Did you get any Scottish treats?

The Friday evening thread. I’m trying to find out where it is.

2hrs to go. Very snoozy. Baby is pretty ill apparently. Loads of poo everywhere. Feel sad now.

Tell us about Corby, please. I don’t know anything about it.

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got some shortbread biscuits for 36p from tesco.

Someone next door to my mate’s house was playing 9pm Til I Come really loud which I found hilarious for some reason. Just hearing that shitty melody in 2018 :smiley:

A viral infection apparently. Could have it for up to 6 weeks. Plus she’s teething so she’s in all sorts of trouble

did you see @Aggpass ?

Some Corby facts:

. Jook is from there I believe.
. There’s lots of Scottish people because something about the steel industry from back in the day
. They have bins sponsored by mcDonalds
. Those guys who first went to moon discussed it en route (again thanks to Jook for this)
. There’s a big Tesco and it’s really exciting!


I thought he was from Sheffield?

ah yeah how could I forget!

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Oh for Gods sake, no-one’s gonna play along are they?

Sausages, pasta and peas.

Gonna go for a run later, probably watch some TV and play with our bunnies as well.