The "Where's the Friday Evening Thread" Thread

got some shortbread biscuits for 36p from tesco.

Someone next door to my mate’s house was playing 9pm Til I Come really loud which I found hilarious for some reason. Just hearing that shitty melody in 2018 :smiley:

A viral infection apparently. Could have it for up to 6 weeks. Plus she’s teething so she’s in all sorts of trouble

did you see @Aggpass ?

Some Corby facts:

. Jook is from there I believe.
. There’s lots of Scottish people because something about the steel industry from back in the day
. They have bins sponsored by mcDonalds
. Those guys who first went to moon discussed it en route (again thanks to Jook for this)
. There’s a big Tesco and it’s really exciting!


I thought he was from Sheffield?

ah yeah how could I forget!

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Oh for Gods sake, no-one’s gonna play along are they?

Sausages, pasta and peas.

Gonna go for a run later, probably watch some TV and play with our bunnies as well.


Reposting cos there was no Friday evening thread to post it and I couldn’t be fucked to make one

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oh wow! The big O!

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Mine’s Xylo and the Teacups.


I’m ok, just wish I could help out and not feel stuck at work

Probably one of the ones that The Donnas made to be fictional rivals to The Donnas.

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there was a weirdly big scary metal scene in my town when I was 17/18 or so.

I think Burzum or Dimmu Borgir played there or something.

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Reckon a bunch of users have a secret Friday thread on the dark web that is dis group messages


Was it a foundry?


It’s the sort of thing those cycling thread types would do.


can’t believe Aggpass is in my county, I feel so humbled :slight_smile:

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We do (or at least did, no idea now since I left it at the beginning of the year) have a WhatsApp chat for some of the Bike Wankers.

Reckon there is a whole parallel board going on behind the scenes

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