The "Where's the Tuesday Thread" Tuesday Thread

Hi team. :wave:

I think I may still be drunk from last night, but on the way into the office because I’m just that kind of guy.

Hope your Tuesdays are less painful than mine promises to be…


morning cz, all :wave:

I got a voucher code from Vodafone yesterday for a cake and hot drink from Greggs. went to use it on the way to work this morning, Greggs was closed due to unforeseen circumstances. gutted.


Bit harsh on Discobot


Last night I was woken up by a helicopter hovering over the house.

Apparently there were two violent burglaries on our road. Pretty scary, there were two more burglaries around Christmas too.

Coffee and 2 x crumpets. Got to go into town today which I hate doing but i’ll treat myself to some nice lunch in soho and maybe do some shopping. Tempted to go to the natural history museum :thinking: wonder if it’ll be busy today.

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

Best time to go really, schools are back pretty much, but no school trips tearing the place up yet.


Really wish I could go to the Natural History Museum today now :frowning:


Strong start to the day :+1:

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I’ve never got why the queues for the science museum are so much shorter than the queues to the natural history museum. Both are amazing but I’d say they were equally so. We spent ages in the bit about genetics in the science museum on Saturday :slight_smile:

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Woke up at 2am with a splitting headache, I was having a dream about being chased by mutant chickens (or maybe geese). I was hiding in a house and called 999 for help but the operator was really really unhelpful and wasn’t listening to me. Think the headache was the result of clenching my jaw really hard while my brain was conjuring all this up.

Probably have to do some actual work today, eh

Good morning Dis,

Can I complain about the traffic? I’m going to complain about the traffic anyway. Congestion at Patcham, overrunning roadworks on the Pease Pottage slip road causing three miles of backed up traffic, congestion at Crawley because of people the people who might have come off at Pease Pottage taking the next junction instead, a broken down Renault Clio in the middle of the M23 roadworks, and then to top it all a three car accident at the top of the M23 just before the M25. Bah!

Today can piss off already.

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Morning all and @anon76851889 hope you sober up hangover free after some desk breakfast!

Horrible night. Couldn’t sleep, brain wouldn’t stop with it’s nonsense ‘let’s think about this thing that made you feel shitty, oh you don’t want to think about that? How about this other thing that you’re anxious about? Or this? And round and round and round it went, all night :scream::sob:

Feel like poop. Got lots to do today, at work and after. Need to see my elderly friend later and I really don’t feel I have the mental strength for it.

Can’t wait for this whole week to be over, including the weekend as I have to spend Sunday with people who don’t like me :pensive:

Boring moany post, sorry.

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Always use the Earth Gallery entrance to the NH museum if possible - usually much less queuing needed.

  • Tuesdays are worse than Mondays because everyone expects Monday to be miserable but on Tuesday you’re still ages away from the weekend but there’s an expectation that you’ll actually be cracking on with things
  • :thinking:

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Yes, absolutely. Plus, it’s the first Tuesday of the new year, which means that it’s peak time for the kind of bellend that does no real management for 11 months of the year and then sends a load of requests to you in January. So it’s basically the most Tuesday of Tuesdays


NHM has more appeal for the reluctant museum goer I guess.

Btw, did you know that you’d be able to skip the queues there with your family? They have a really great disability access policy :slight_smile:

Nah - mondays are bleak. Having to get up early, having to face other people. I get you on the work thing, but that’s only a small part of it

I didn’t know this! TBH, if we’re going to the NHM we tend to go as the first thing we do when we arrive in London, so we get there just as the doors open. But that’s really useful to know, thank you.



Not overjoyed about this