The White Coco Pops are shit

Just fyi

Rice Krispies?

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Found out recently that they discontinued Ricicles


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I wonder what Captain Rick is doing now.


Can confirm

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Thanks for the heads up. :+1:

Despite them being nicicles?

“captain Rick has made 3 new LinkedIn connections”

Tony the Tiger
Honey Monster
Lucky Charms cultural stereotype guy


Broke my heart that did.

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Yeah they’re very disappointing. Bought them for the second time recently as they were on offer but not sure why I bothered

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Remember when Kelloggs announced they were launching White Chocolate Coco Pops and loads of the replies on Twitter were “Er, isn’t that just Rice Krispies?”

Felt like a pivotal moment in realising just how thick the public are. Should have known the Tories would win that majority.


i kinda liked them tbh

Woah I just found out normal Coco Pops now have 30% less sugar. I thought it was just these new white ones and that’s why they’re shit. Has anyone had normal Coco Pops recently, they must be shit??

Quite the attack here.


When did this happen? Had them in the summer and they seemed normal

Normal Coco Pops are awful, so this news doesn’t surprise me.

:smiley: assuming yours was a joke but lots of people seemed to earnestly think Rice Krispies were actually white chocolate Coco Pops


Summer 2018 it looks like. Think I’ve had them since that and I remember thinking they weren’t as nice as the supermarket own brand, but still alright.

The white ones taste like there’s no sugar in them at all.

I think the white ones are shit cos they seem to have been made by someone who has never tasted white chocolate. It’s not even chocolate on them, just some weird sticky transparent goo.

@epimer ?