The whole 'love' system as opposed to ^this has changed everything


I can convey general satisfaction with a post or user without directly agreeing with the sentiment. what a world.







^This is still better

(and also you should be able to see at a glance who has liked something, also should be able to see at a glance who has made a thread)


Removing being able to see who has liked something actually reduces the cliquey nature of this board tbqh tbqf


Nah, the potential for bants from a good comedy ^This is what this place was all about


I think perhaps Britain is now in a post-bants world


you only get notified of your first ‘like’ and not of any subsequent likes. probably not an issue for most of you losers but the heavy hitters like me and ant like to monitor how our #content is doing


This is a good point, got a badge the other day because my post was so well loved but I hadn’t even had the pleasure of witnessing them come rolling in


You can still see, you just need to click on the likes button when a post has been liked.


There’s a lot more love on these boards in general right now though, you noticed? It’s possibly because of the absence of certain people but i like to think it’s a general happier world of DiS on these new forums


Apart from your hard beeves with @Parsefone


no beef and a working site, what is left to talk about?


Yeah the nice reply gang. Only ten of us in there.


Yeah but he had it coming. Why I oughta. Etc etc


the important thing is that I remain ahead of balonz in the league of champions

@ma0sm still slightly ahead but I assume that is a development issue still being worked out


mate you can change this in your settings


I would, again, like to distance myself from this ‘us and them’ kind of attitude that is creeping in here, I love all DiS users past and present and wish for nothing more in life than to see a positive reconciliation between the respective userbases.


I too hope that this will happen. I also note the general positive air on this new board. I shall assume the lack of certain presences isn’t the reason of course until i am proved wrong