The whole 'There are no dangerous dogs, just dangerous owners' line of argument


I love dogs. A lot. But i have great difficulty with people who claim that any maulings/attacks etc are always the owner’s fault or because they haven’t been trained properly. i don’t trust certain breeds cough pitbulls

But yeah i think these people are a bit blinkered


Guns don’t maim people, dangerous owners do


depends really, doesn’t it


yeah but according to these types it doesn’t. that’s my point


well, that sort of binary attitude helps no-one.



The most genuinely adorable well natured dog I ever met was a Staffordshire bull terrier. Some breeds are naturally more vicious but in the end of the day an animal is an animal and you always have to take precautions, and owners have a lot to answer for when their dogs maul people


Also you have to consider the nature of the attack - a baby killed when left alone with a dog is 1000000% the owners fault, never leave a baby unattended with a dog


Jfc, the choice of pic.


How many miniature schnauzers have mauled a baby’s face off?



hmmm there are definitely dangerous cats


Pitbulls - Selectively bred to be more aggressive, bad/no training makes it a lot worse though.

Staffordshire Bull Terriers - lovely, beautifully mannered dogs, actively show a nurturing instinct towards children. Unfairly lumped in with pitbulls.


a bit like Jennifer Lopez at the 2014 FIFA World Cup opening ceremony!


Extremely good joke.


Very good.


Feels very 2005 this thread. Dont play Manhunt


Oh I thought the one i saw was atypical of its breed, she was honestly so so cute and very old and just the nicest dog ever . They look so alike and I just did a bit of reading but they’re so different from pitbulls, had no idea!


They’re really, really lovely dogs. Extremely affectionate and dead clever. The fact that so many get abandoned is so sad.


That’s such a sad misconception:(