The "Why Isn't There A Weekend Football Thread Already FFS" Weekend Football Thread

because either i’m stupid and can’t see it, or someone else hasn’t made it already. i remember the good old days of first post essays being punted out at 7pm the previous day, pull your fingers out ffs

today we have the following in The Best League In The World:

Leicester v Palace
Arsenal v Newcastle
Brighton v Burnley
Chelsea v Southampton
Stoke v West Ham
Watford v Huddersfield
Man City v Spurs

i was going to do a joke about how Man City will obviously lose to whoever they’re playing, but as there is actually a chance Spurs might beat them then it’s not that funny. thanks fixture computer. the other results will finish in a draw, home win, draw, home win, draw and home win respectively, despite what John Cena might think.

in The Actual Best League In The World, Brentford play Barnsley in a match i probably can’t even be bothered to go to, Wolves continued their annoying march to the title (my boss supports them and is getting giddy, sorry @urbanfox), my two least favourite teams meet at St Andrews where I hope both teams lose somehow, and other matches happen.

i guess there are other leagues and maybe a cup competition happening overseas somewhere too? will leave you guys to fill in the blanks there.

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also, i have a free £2 bet for some reason, so king tippers: what would YOU spend it on?

I was about to write one but glad to be relieved of the responsibility.

Probably going to watch Brighton vs. Burnley and/or Man City vs. Spurs and have a lovely old saturday

EFL cup later in the week which is inspiring little passion. Interest will be piqued if Moyes’ West Ham can do Arsenal and Bristol City can force enough Lukaku errors to wriggle through

I’d back Brighton to beat Burnley 4-0 with Gaetan Bong as first goalscorer at a modest 900/1

Id go for Brighton to beat Burnley

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We are playing the Rams! @NoahVale you off?

100% thread support for a bet on the seagulls so far


Looking forward to it, although I predict a cagey 1-1

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Yeah just think its ne of those where both teams are due a result that goes against their form, Burnley have been weaker away so can see a Brighton 2-0

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Weimann to score an own goal in respect of his former employees



I’ll be having a few hundred quid on Tottenham.

I might put a free bet on Wham - it is Xmas and I think the dehydrated golum is starting to build a bit of momentum.

Spurs to accelerate the death of northern football today. Put the house on it


given their run of form you’d think a win against stoke is a pretty safe one

Always forget Stoke have Jese and Afellay

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for some reason the final £65 from my £2200 king tipper haul just cleared and i’d forgotten about it so might just wack most of that on spurs for the win

The difference between what a Hughes side looks like on paper and how they actually perform on the pitch is a sight to see.


Can Palace play in their new all white third kit every week please?


Got rid of Zaha in my fantasy team, didn’t I

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