The "Why Isn't There A Weekend Football Thread Already FFS" Weekend Football Thread

Sako scores again. :smiley:

Well that helps our goal difference.

Forgot about updating my fantasy football team and left Loftus-Cheek in. So that’s nice I guess.

He’s doing a good job, slowly improving us after our terrible start under de Boer.

get him on the plane!


My mate managed to almost start a scrap on some dickhead in a shop by telling him to fuck off back to Brentwood
Still no idea what it means but giggling about it and will probably end up saying it in here a lot, cheers
Tough late fixture with Hull today but still fancy it, then can just fuck off back to Brentwood tbh

Its alright, got.Morata as my captain

Happy for ynot re: Palace’s upturn in fortunes

Watford are bad again, guys. Delete them.

Good finish aswell. I guess he’ll be upfront against Swansea

Chill out Matt Hardy


Yep, same here

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Got £10k on City at 1/512, which should land me a cool £19.53 if it comes in



Clever Pep!

He’s injured, isn’t he

Glenn fucking Murray

Mooy and Morata in my ff team. Now just need City to bang six past Spurs and I’ll be metaphorically laughing all the way to the metaphorical bank

Really soft second booking too. Something about goals away from home and buses today.

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Letting David Silva play the full 90 versus the basket case of the league, rather than saving him for Spurs, is just more evidence of the four dimensional chess Pep is playing whilst the rest of us are still on tiddlywinks.

Brilliant mind games. Has Spurs beaten before they’re even on the pitch

Making it tougher for ourselves to stay up with the worst goal difference ever with days like today