The WI

Is it problematic??

I kind of want to join one cause I love the idea of making friends and jam and all of that bollocks that they do.

Nah man they do good stuff. Mum’s the president of a few.


This is FAB news, thank you!!

Love the idea of it, and there’s a “young” WI in my town which I wanna join

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My mum joined it with a couple of pals but they got bored of it / found some of the members annoying so they’re starting a breakaway group


Wanna join Shrewbie’s mum’s clique tbh


My best mate’s Mum Linda (who’s essentially adopted me cause I’m a motherless runt) is a member of the WI in her village and it’s nothing but comedy gold. Occasionally I get given leftover cakes but more often than not I get dragged to WI “evenings” where they’ll be doing a “fashion show” in the village hall and they’ll all be proper pissed, or they’ll do the calendar thing and I’ll be gifted a copy and have to hang a photo of my mate’s Mum with her tits out. Glorious


Big fan of our nearest WI’s logo



They just get together, have a laugh, bake, organise stuff to raise money for good things, all wholesome and problematic-free. Organise trips as well, although I’d avoid them unless you fancy a night in Norwich with 40 old women and their husbands. Does feel like it’s starting to appeal to a younger audience which is great.

They still sing Jerusalem, but that’s the only weird bit afaik.

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I should point out my mate’s mum Linda is an exhibitionist and we love her for it.

The village started an extinction rebellion group and Linda volunteered to “streak outside the barkleys” and they said no thank you. Icon


I’m in!!!

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There’s a place called the ‘Men’s Hub’ opening near me. Maybe they are starting a turf war with the WI?

Just remembered that my mum once did a show with the WI where they dressed up as jars of jam and sang a song, for which I can still remember the tune and these words

Have you tried Jerusalem Ja-am
It’s famous for it’s jammy, fruity flavour
Strawberry, gooseberry, raspberry
Lemon, peach or blackberry.

scarred I am

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  • Strawberry
  • Gooseberry
  • Raspberry
  • Lemon
  • Peach
  • Blackberry

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Blackcurrant jam on a croissant is…

my jam.

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The one season of The Great British Menu that I watched (got harangued into it) was all about the WI and there were so many fucking Jerusalem artichoke dishes. Was absolutely bored out of my mind, literally every other menu had sodding artichokes. No imagination and they’re shit too. Artichokes!

Jerusalem artichokes aren’t even real artichokes!

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Yeah, my mum did similar. Called it ‘not the WI’. Subversive.

Reckon there’s probably a 1 in 2 racism quota

Incidentally it’s 9 years ago today since my local WI hit the headlines…