The Wicked Whispers Thread

:shushing_face: Psst, which community member recently took a train ride from Sobertown to Buzzville with a cheeky couple of tins of G&T? Let’s just say that this parkticular user is no stranger to a Tuesday (19th October Tipple! :shushing_face:


:shushing_face: Psst, seen any #420 posts in the Great Things Posted On Social Media thread recently? Don’t be surprised to see some #CannabisContent springing up soon after one poster outed themselves as a top toker! Just don’t pass that blunt to Mum and Dad eh! :shushing_face:

I. Trusted. You. :cry:


:face_with_hand_over_mouth: :shushing_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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DiS gossip is…

  • Salacious and intriguing
  • Pedestrian and dull
  • Weezer (1994) by Weezer

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:shushing_face:Pssst. Hearing that things aren’t as rosey as they seem at SI towers

Take this down

:shushing_face:pssst!! The whisperer has become the whisperee and we’re hearing they don’t like it

more gossip please


i heard sean’s moving our servers to australia

smee and meths kissed again

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who are we to judge?

Yeah, that’s true. “To each their own and to all a good day” as I always say

cool catchphrase

You do always say that!

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Thanks, my gorgeous boy x

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