The Wiggles

Been watching a lot of the Wiggles recently and I have some questions.

  1. Does Captain Feathersword get paid like a full Wiggle? I feel kind of sorry for the costume guys.
  2. I’m only familiar with the new Wiggles, should I investigate the original line-up?
  3. How awful would if be if Emma and Lachy split up? It’d be ABBA all over again!


This is now the cycling thread.


Is this some type of video nasty thing

Actually the Wiggles are noted motorists.

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flash poll

  • hyg watches this with his child
  • hyg chooses to watch this by himself

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Came into the thread fearing it was about a medical condition.

Leaving the thread wishing it was about a medical condition.


Where’s Jeff?

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Mate, if it’s not on Ceebeebies, it doesn’t exist.

See above, Nu-Wiggles only for me.

This is on Netflix, get with the times grandpa.

Once, we watched some Puffin Rock on Netflix. It then rolled over to a trailer to My Little Pony and that was that.

Netflix = shit.

Nice that Slipknot are keeping up to date.


I’m glad you got the reference.

Sorry, I preferred their earlier stuff.

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I guess why is the first question?

I know of The Wiggles through my wife and Aussie family but have never er actually seen them. You need @Jarvis and @PaintyCanNed here

From what I gathered they are essentially royalty in Australia.


I’m not actually of these shores so I didn’t grow up with it and nor do I have young relatives here who watch it, but I know they make fucking shitloads of money. Like they were the top earning entertainers here for years in the 00s. Huge amounts too, millions of dollars. Think the old ones still have creative control or something? So they make money off the fresh batch. And I think Captain Feathersword is an original, or close to, so he might actually make more money than the new batch. I don’t really know though, these are things I have picked up because they are like royalty here.


Check out where the Wiggles began